Fantasy Baseball: Is Tim sold on his Tout Wars mixed auction?

      March 25, 2014 @ 09:11:17 PDT

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In my three years as a competitor in the Tout Wars mixed auction, I've finished third, 15th and sixth. One would think that via the every-other-year law (Bret Saberhagen Axiom?), 2014 doesn't look too hot for me.

While holes remain in what I compiled Saturday in New York City against 14 competitors, there's a sturdy foundation. And that's true even after I found out two of my purchases received bad injury news during the draft.

Cleveland Indians 2B Jason Kipnis
Kipnis down with OBP

Each team is allotted a $260 cap for 23 players, with 4 no-cost reserves. Tout uses OBP instead of BA, which drastically alters values. You'll also see that, as usual, timing can have its way with the market

I went into the action knowing I wanted a power-speed mix along with a three- or four-pitcher base of top skills, preferably 3 top-30 SPs and 1 top-10 (preferably -5) CL. I was conservative until my third purchase at Pick 65, when I started to build my franchise players. I planned on being aggressive after each break in the action so I didn't become desperate as more time passed.

It was fun and challenging, as usual. Thanks to the Tout board for allowing me to sneak back into the field, and my opponents proved that this is some of the best action you'll see in the industry -- around the table and at the bar (props to Foley's for the party).

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  • Access the order of nominations and buys, courtesy of Jason Collette, the room's bookkeeper/chat ringmaster.
  • Browse other competitors' reax pieces (including one that's a harsh, palpable lesson for any drafter).

Click for Tim's full Tout Wars roster and breakdown!

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