BAD - Fantasy Baseball Draft Round 17: Corey Hart comes home

by KFFL Staff on February 26, 2014 @ 17:30:30 PDT


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KFFL's Fantasy Baseball Analysis Draft (BAD) and League is unlike most expert fantasy games. First, this isn't a mock draft. At end of the 2014 season, we'll crown a champion of this rotisserie baseball league. Second, our 15-team, 28-round fantasy baseball draft doesn't come with post-game summaries. It provides you with each participant's mindset at the time he selected.

1) SP Zack Wheeler, New York Mets

Paul Sporer and Mike Gianella, Baseball Prospectus | Roster

Needs surpasses best player on the board at this point, and Wheeler fits the mode of a solid SP with upside that we need.

2) OF Colby Rasmus, Toronto Blue Jays

Josh Shepardson, The Fantasy Fix | Roster

Kansas City Royals 2B Omar Infante
Razzball's Rudy loves this value

Unless Rasmus cuts back on his strikeouts, his average will almost certainly drop into the .250s this year, but with 20-plus homers and ample run production stats I'll take the bad with the good.

3) SP Taijuan Walker, Seattle Mariners

Ray Flowers, Baseball Guys | Roster

I missed out on all the closers and thought it was too early to go the middle-reliever route. Success of all those young arms last year helped lead to this selection.

4) 1B/DH Corey Hart, Seattle Mariners

Pasko Varnica, Mastersball | Roster

His 30-HR potential and respectable BA are well worth a gamble in the 17th round. While I expect regression, he should not be ignored.

5) SS Derek Jeter, New York Yankees

Michael Stein, Fantasy Judgment | Roster

Leave it to a Mets fan to grab Jeter for the last time on a fantasy team. After Jimmy Rollins was taken a few picks before, I opted to fill my middle infield spot with Jeter, who is looking to come back after a lost year. He appears healthy and should provide Jeterian stats (.300 batting average, 100 runs scored, 10-15 stolen bases). Yes, "Jeterian" is an adjective.

6) SP Rick Porcello, Detroit Tigers

Drew Silva, Rotoworld | Roster

It seems like there are always good, late SP values in a draft with industry people. Porcello had massively improved peripherals in 2013 and should win a bunch of games this season on a good Tigers team.

7) SS Erick Aybar, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Tim Heaney, KFFL | Roster

I required the biggest SB return possible from my MI spot. The clean picking of alternatives by my opponents did led me to the boring but stable Aybar. If he lands in the leadoff spot, I'll be happier about this selection, which is hardly exciting.

8) 2B Omar Infante, Kansas City Royals

Rudy Gamble, Razzball | Roster

I am a big fan of Infante for 2014. He has shown the ability to hit for high BA (I have only Robinson Cano and Matt Carpenter as more valuable for 2014 BA at 2B). His R and RBI were depressed last year because the bottom of the Tigers lineup was awful. If he hits No. 2 between Norichika Aoki and Eric Hosmer, I think he can net 140 R+RBI and 5-10 HR. I like him better than all four SS taken right before him (Jhonny Peralta, Jeter, Jimmy Rollins, Aybar).

9) C Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Miami Marlins

Mark Bloom, RotoExperts | Roster

Baltimore Orioles SP Chris Tillman
Paur's pick: underrated?

I waited on catcher long enough, so I finally jumped in and took Saltalamacchia. He should get a chance to hit behind Giancarlo Stanton and will catch about 125 games. That should give him a shot to hit 20 HR. I can live with him so long as he doesn't hit .220.

10) SP Drew Smyly, Detroit Tigers

Nicholas Minnix, KFFL | Roster

I thought briefly about a few different starters here -- and no other position once a few MIs I liked went. Smyly will fall well short of 200 innings, and that concerned me because my staff isn't deep. I was most confident in the effects of this lefty's rates on my bottom line, though.

11) OF Eric Young Jr., New York Mets

Ryan Bloomfield, Baseball HQ | Roster

Purely a speed move, and his BA won't hurt that badly. Only question is playing time. Could have 50 SB with full-time job, so willing to take that risk this late.

12) SP Chris Tillman, Baltimore Orioles

Jeff Paur, RTSports | Roster

Tillman had a breakout season last year and I expect more of the same this year. He is a strikeout pitcher playing on an emerging team. I think he brings very good value to my team at this point of the draft, giving me several pitching categories late in the draft.

13) C Devin Mesoraco, Cincinnati Reds

Howard Bender, FanGraphs | Roster

Getting down to the platoon situations behind the plate and Gardner still needs a backstop. We all finally get to see what Mesoraco can do without being hindered by Dusty Baker. Twenty HR seems likely.

14) 1B/DH Adam Lind, Toronto Blue Jays

Andrew Martinez, Rotowire | Roster

I debated the Adams Family -- Lind, Dunn, LaRoche -- and went with Lind, who is youngest and whom I can platoon. Also considered David Freese.

15) OF Alejandro De Aza, Chicago White Sox

Steve Gardner, USA TODAY/Sports Weekly | Roster

I'm not ready to go for one-category guys just yet. De Aza will likely share time with Dayan Viciedo in LF, but he's the better half of the platoon. Was also considering Peter Bourjos but shied away because of his injury history.

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