BAD - Fantasy Baseball Draft Round 1: Mike Trout skipped

by KFFL Staff on March 17, 2014 @ 07:30:41 PDT


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KFFL's Fantasy Baseball Analysis Draft (BAD) and League is unlike most expert fantasy games. First, this isn't a mock draft. At end of the 2014 season, we'll crown a champion of this rotisserie baseball league. Second, our 15-team, 28-round fantasy baseball draft doesn't come with post-game summaries. It provides you with each participant's mindset at the time he selected.

1) 1B/3B Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers

Paul Sporer and Mike Gianella, Baseball Prospectus | Roster

The choice was between Mike Trout and Cabrera, and with third base as thin as it is this year, we decided to go Cabrera even though Trout might have a slight statistical advantage.

2) OF Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Josh Shepardson, The Fantasy Fix | Roster

Seattle Mariners 2B Robinson Cano
Cano, don't ya know where he go?

Last year I held the top selection in the KFFL BAD draft and I popped Trout. This year he was mine to be had at pick two. The superstar outfielder finished last season ranked in the top 20 in all five offensive categories. I have a solid foundation laid across the board with one player and have a ton of flexibility going forward.

3) OF Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates

Ray Flowers, Baseball Guys | Roster

Many will go with Paul Goldschmidt here. The reason I didn't? I'm not sure we should be counting on 15 steals from Paul, and I could see his batting average dipping into the .280-290 range pretty easy. McCutchen also has a monster season in him. I know it.

4) 1B Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona Diamondbacks

Pasko Varnica, Mastersball | Roster

Andrew McCutchen was my choice, but Ray Flowers snatched him. As a result, I debated between Goldschmidt and Chris Davis. Davis has a higher projected number of home runs, a roto category difficult to replenish with free agency, but the concern about a possible decline of his production led me to Goldschmidt.

5) SP Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers

Michael Stein, Fantasy Judgment | Roster

Having the 5th overall pick, I anticipated that Cabrera, Trout, Goldschmidt and McCutchen would all be gone. So I decided to take an unconventional approach and draft the best pitcher in baseball. This goes against the grain with strategies in roto leagues, but I like knowing I can count on the ace of my staff to produce elite numbers in four out of five pitching categories.

6) SS Hanley Ramirez, Los Angeles Dodgers

Drew Silva, Rotoworld | Roster

Ramirez probably would have challenged for MVP honors last season in the National League had his health cooperated. The freak injuries don't scare me. And 2014 is a contract year, so motivation should not be an issue for the dynamic Dodgers shortstop. He is ranked fourth overall in the 2014 Rotoworld Draft Guide.

7) OF Carlos Gonzalez, Colorado Rockies

Tim Heaney, KFFL | Roster

After the first four picks, you should go with money-making outfielders. Gonzalez's injury history means he'll always be risky, but he's a 5-category stud, and among offensive positions, OF boasts the biggest abundance of competent replacement players. His shortened seasons are better than nearly any other player's full campaign anyway.

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