9 differences between fantasy baseball and fantasy football owners

     by David Gonos on February 10, 2014 @ 13:50:45 PDT


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Patient vs. reactionary

Major League Baseball's Opening Day this year is March 31, which means April 1, you'll see tons of players getting picked up and dropped. Not coincidentally, that day also happens to be April Fool's Day.

I'll bet roto dollars to H2H donuts that the people making all of those add/drops are mostly fantasy football owners killing time until NFL training camps begin. They're used to just 13-week regular seasons, in which they have to make knee-jerk reactions all the time since every game counts for almost 8 percent of their regular-season record. Justifiably so, they have to fall in and out of love with players at breakneck speeds.

A fantasy baseball owner knows that he's starting a marathon, and that every day's worth of action is really just 1/162 of their regular-season record.

Rotisserie chicken vs. big bucket of all or nothing

Even the way these two groups score their games is completely different. Traditional fantasy baseball players usually use rotisserie scoring, as opposed to total points, like the head-to-head format for fantasy football.

FFers want to know if they won Tuesday morning, and fantasy baseballers are hoping they climbed half a point in the runs scored category. One has an exciting sense of accomplishment, and one makes you feel like you lost a pound on your diet this month.

Algebra vs. remedial math

Fantasy baseball guys deal with tons of statistics, like ERA, WHIPS, batting averages, on-base percentages, slugging percentages and a combo of both, just to name a few.

Fantasy football owners have a tough time dealing with extra points. Can you imagine if QB rating was added into the scoring? Their heads would explode.

Pride vs. IN YOUR FACE!!!

Fantasy baseball owners like to win, but more than that, they like to be right in their projections or predictions. The biggest experts league in any sport right now is Tout Wars for fantasy baseball. The winners get zero dollars and no trophy. Nada. Nothing.

Fantasy football owners can't even wait for Sunday's games to enter the late afternoon before the trash talk starts flying. It's definitely the livelier of the two hobbies, but it's also the one where you expect someone, at some point, is going to say something about your mama.

Librarians vs. secretaries

If you play fantasy baseball, you need to know every player that takes the field. You need to know the bench players. You need to know the minor leaguers that are expected to take over for any of those other players if they get injured. You need to know the minor leaguers expected to join the majors when rosters expand. You become a library of information, as you try to learn about at least 25 players on 30 teams (750 players).

In fantasy football, you have to learn two quarterbacks, maybe three running backs, four wide receivers, two tight ends, a kicker and a defensive unit on every team. That's 13 players on 32 teams (416) players. There is so much luck involved, it's not uncommon to hear that the secretary at someone's job ended up winning their fantasy football league one year.

It's at this point, I'd like say note that "Moneyball" never does reference fantasy baseball, but I figured fantasy football owners are a little more Vin Diesel than Brad Pitt.

Before you start up your Twitter and get ready to blast me for hating on your fantasy sport of choice, please understand that I do love both games, and I do consider them completely different - mostly because of against whom you play. Now, feel free to send me a well-thought-out email, with quotes from great philosophers like Joe Garagiola and Vin Scully, or, if you're a fantasy football owner, just sharpen your crayon and write it on paper.

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