Fantasy Daily Games: You are missing out on too much fun ... and some money!

      January 14, 2014 @ 15:50:43 PDT

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This is not an advertorial or an endorsement of any single company. I won't even reference any of them by name.

Do you play daily fantasy games? If not, what are you waiting for?!?!

I have had so much fun participating in daily games of late that it made me wonder why more people don't get involved. That area of the industry is growing rapidly, and I am convinced it will eventually be as common as traditional fantasy formats. It isn't for everyone, especially the most casual of players, but the appeal is evident after getting the hang of it.

There is a stigma surrounding niche contests that many traditional owners don't want to be associated with. There is also the fear of the unknown and, to a degree, perhaps the apprehension of legality for many. Daily games are 100 percent lawful and equally as enjoyable.

How does it work?

Essentially, you start with some kind of salary cap - say $55,000 or $60,000 in fake money -- to use for selecting your players that day. Every player has an assigned value to prevent owners from using elite options across the board.

The scoring is generally the same as real fantasy football, or whatever sport you choose, and the goal is to pick the highest scoring players for that day while staying within your salary cap. It's that easy, and even easier with some companies that choose to eliminate the cap but group players into tiers to prevent owners from loading up with all stud players.

How do I know if daily games are for me?

Do you have a short attention span? Do you want to spread the cost of playing fantasy sports for as much or more excitement? Are you tired of seeing your offseason preparation go to waste because of a few big injuries? No one likes staring at a 2-9 fantasy record. Many owners outright abandon their teams in standard styles, but even "that guy/girl" can get into daily contests.

In daily gaming, if you stink that day, all you have to do is try your hand the next time around, which is often the following night, depending on the sport. I find that it encourages taking chances, because in what season-long format can you turn $2 in $700 or $1,200? Exactly none. It's not all about landing the big prizes, but winning sure feels great!

What is at stake?

You can play for free or pony up loads of cash to pick daily rosters. Many games cost $1 or $2 and can yield returns of $1,200 or so for first place. They often pay out several hundred places. Some contests cost $25 to enter and have $300,000 in payouts, as deep as placements into the 1,200-plus territory. Most companies even offer games for the high rollers, where buy-ins can go north of $1,000.

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