Fantasy Baseball Round Table: 2014 Mock Draft

by Todd Zola, on September 25, 2013 @ 13:45:52 PDT


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2.04 Steve - Yasiel Puig: Going with pure upside here. He made adjustments his second time around the league, which shows me he just might be able to do all this again and do it over a full season.

2.05 Perry - Jason Kipnis: Tough choice for me here which might have been resolved if Steve hadn't taken Puig. Not quite aboard the other CarGo train so I am going to fill my 2B slot -- slight loss of SB this year more than made up for by gains in HR and BA -- both up three years in a row and next year I expect Jason Kipnis to have a 20+/20+ $30 year.

Milwaukee Brewers SS Jean Segura
Segura has new company

2.06 Nicholas - Ian Desmond: I won't say that his dipping contact rate doesn't worry me, but there's more to success than that. Back-to-back 20-20 seasons from a SS, think he's a reasonable bet to add another -to-back.

2.07 Brian - Troy Tulowitzki: Sure, he has injury questions over time, but his legs held up fine this year. Time missed was due to a freak broken rib and he still will play in about 125 games. Will be just 29 next season and delivers premium numbers at a thin position.

2.08 Dave - David Wright: Not only does he have a GREAT name, but I thought Tulo would slide to me, ha. There were a couple of outfielders I was also looking at here, but decided to wait until later in the draft to go with my first OF pick. Even in an injury plagued season, Wright nearly went 20-20. While he'll be 31 next year, his underlying skills appear to be intact, and his across the board production fits well in the mid 2nd round.

2.09 Zach - Jose Reyes

2.10 Don - Jean Segura: Having taken an outfielder in Round 1, will go for double scarcity middle infield and scarcity.

2.11 Anthony - Giancarlo Stanton: In what will undoubtedly be his last season in a Fish uniform, look for a healthy season and return to elite value. Couple that with the possibility of him being traded to a contender, and he is a great value at this point.

2.12 Greg - Carlos Gomez: Proved the doubters wrong with a shot at 20-40 by season's end. I'll take it.

2.13 Tim M - Yu Darvish: Being that the best middle-infielder left is Scooter Gennett it's time to switch gears and join Grumpy Dan in a discussion on pitching strategy. Best K-rates in the game.

2.14 Rob - Max Scherzer

2.15 Lawr - Jedd Gyorko: 30 homers up the middle without Dan Uggla's average.

3.01 Lawr - Matt Kemp: OK, I picked Gyorko first so I could say I got Kemp in the third round. And, yeah, injury risk. But dude can play and he is due for a full complement of games. Well, OK, at least 130.

3.02 Rob - Dustin Pedroia

3.03 Tim M - Freddie Freeman

3.04 Greg - Adam Wainwright

3.05 Anthony - Jose Bautista: Certainly some risk with a player whose past two seasons have been shortened by injury and is approaching mid 30s, but the reward is worth the risk in this draft position. However, hard to dispute the per AB results and if he -- along with many of his Blue Jays compadres -- manages to stay healthy, 2014 could bring back the glory days of just a few short years ago.

3.06 Don - Evan Longoria: Need power at corner, stayed healthy this year and will play 2014 at age 28

3.07 Zach - Justin Upton

3.08 Dave - Jose Fernandez: I'll select Jose Fernandez for his home run power potential. OK, the kid's a stud, pitches in the NL, good ballpark and while it hurts me to pass over King Felix, I'll take the arm with less mileage for my ace.

3.09 Brian - Felix Hernandez: Consistency in an ace with eight straight years of 30 starts and five consecutive years of 210 strikeouts.

3.10 Nicholas - Alex Rios: A) Rios had good back-to-back seasons for the first time in who remembers when. Yay good health. B) He seems like a great fit in Texas, where he'll be again in 2014 barring a crazy development. And where 20-40 -- or something close enough -- is again real possibility, even in his age-33 campaign. C) He's Todd's fourth-favorite player.

3.11 Perry - Cliff Lee

3.12 Steve - Matt Carpenter: The 2013 fantasy MVP won't come so cheaply this season and he'll only have 2B/3B eligibility, but he'll still score a ton of runs and hit for a high average.

The rest of Round 3, plus some bonus choices from Knights and guests!

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