Fantasy Football Trading: DeSean Jackson

      September 12, 2013 @ 18:05:53 PDT

We fantasy football experts are often the first to tell you not to jump to conclusions after Week 1. That's mostly the case, but every now and then there is a situation that comes along that isn't held to those standards.

The situation I'm referring to is the revolutionary system that Chip Kelly is employing with the Philadelphia Eagles. I know there are plenty of question marks surrounding it, like: Can they sustain that pace over an entire season? Heck, they couldn't even carry it over into the second half versus the Washington Redskins. Others will argue that although the new fast-paced offense was extremely effective, it opens up Michael Vick to even more injury risk.

Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson
Some man love for D-Jax

I was on board with Kelly's offense before we saw it in the season opener. I had a really good feeling that Vick and others would excel in it. So far, that feeling is spot on, and I'm kicking myself for not drafting more Eagles, mainly DeSean Jackson.

If you didn't draft him, trade for him. Right? That was my thinking in the first half of that Iggles-Skins game last Monday night when D-Jax had seven catches (nine targets), 104 yards and a touchdown. I wanted him badly, now.

But, I wasn't just going to make a foolish trade that was unneeded for my fantasy squad just for the sake of owning Jackson somewhere. Luckily, one of my 52 fantasy teams (so it seems) was in dire need of a more productive pass catcher. My starters in Week 1 were Kenny Britt, T.Y. Hilton and Alshon Jeffery. Thankfully, in this case, I took Jamaal Charles, Reggie Bush and Chris Johnson with my first three picks in that same league. So, clearly, my strength was RB.

Now I was pretty stoked about being able to pull off a trade for Jackson, and it made sense. So I checked out the roster of the Jackson owner in my league and, lo and behold, his RB stable was very thin. You can see why this trade came together very quickly. I wound up sending Reggie Bush away for Jackson and Bryce Brown (also an Eagle).

Sure, Bush could be a top-three point-per-reception back if he stays healthy all year, but I could afford to part with him in order to make my squad better, and I was able to snag a player I'm really high on in the process. It was a win-win.

By the way, I don't expect Bush to stay healthy all year; he already strained his groin and dislocated his finger in Week 1. Vick's chances of staying healthy all year are probably just as good, but I think Jackson can stay productive in this offense even if Nick Foles is slinging him the pigskin. And just in case LeSean McCoy can't hold up to the increased reps and up-tempo O, Brown (who I also love) will bolster my RB depth after I sent Bush packing.

Ah, gotta love when a good trade comes together so quickly and painlessly.

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