Fantasy Baseball Articles of Configuration: How Did NL Tout Wars Trades Turn Out?

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Trade 4 -- June 23

Peter Kreutzer gets: Jay Bruce Cin from Tristan H. Cockcroft

Tristan H. Cockcroft gets: Cliff Lee Phi from Peter Kreutzer

Kreutzer: "I knew coming out of the draft that I was a little thin in power, but I felt that because I had a strong staff and the potential for some saves points, I would be able to focus on adding offense via FAAB."

Cincinnati Reds OF Jay Bruce
Bruce provided almighty chops

"As we moved into summer, injuries to Angel Pagan and Ryan Sweeney undid whatever gains I had been able to make. My closer, Kyuji Fujikawa, had died an early death. I really needed to add a power hitter. At that point, I wasn't shooting for the big prize, but felt that because I had some extra wins I could trade Lee and not take too big a hit.

"It just so happened that at the same time Tristan was shopping hitting for pitching. I suggested Lee for Bruce, Lance Lynn for Ryan Howard or Chris Capuano for B.J. Upton. He wrote back, 'Let's do Bruce for Lee (fitting).'

"I wrote back, 'Let's do some jiu jitsu. Game on.'

"My offense still stinks, but it has been better than it was, and while my pitching has taken a hit thus far, since the trade it is performing better overall. And I think it has the potential for some big weeks, at least in my dreams."

Cockcroft: "Both of my trades were simple sales of power -- I had a healthy HR lead and my projections said I'd maintain it even with the sale of as many as 50 of them -- to address other needs."

"Bruce-for-Lee came first, and that was an attempt to boost my pitching -- wins and K's, specifically -- having seen an opportunity to score some extra points there. Peter came to me with the Lee offer, and it trumped some of the others I had available at the time."

Trade 5 -- June 28

Mike Gianella gets: Jordany Valdespin NYM from Phil Hertz

Phil Hertz gets: Wilmer Flores NYM from Mike Gianella

Gianella: "Like Phil, I did not think that Flores was going to get called up based on multiple notes from a number of beat writers. I wasn't supremely confident in Valdespin getting the call, but liked his power/speed combo, and was hoping to squeeze a point or two out of steals if/when Valdespin got called up. It obviously didn't work out, but I was on the verge of cutting Flores anyway so it's hard to feel too bad about this one."

Hertz: "I was about to cut Jordany when Mike contacted me. I think he needed a middle infielder (and like many of us, he was hoping for the playing time that never materialized). I believe he included 2 FAAB dollars, which was why I made the trade. Unfortunately, roster crunches materialized (and I believed the NYC media that indicated he wouldn't be called up) and I eventually decided to cut Flores. As of this morning, I'm not happy I did that."

Trade 6 -- July 5

Tristan H. Cockcroft gets: Ben Revere Phi from Scott Wilderman

Scott Wilderman gets: Ryan Howard Phi from Tristan H. Cockcroft

Cockcroft: "Howard-for-Revere was just a disaster. Scott came to me with that one, and with some worries that Howard might sit a few games now and then -- the Aramis Ramirez early-year treatment -- down the stretch, I decided to trade him, too, for some steals. You know the rest of the story: Howard went on the DL two days later, was headed for surgery a couple days after that, and Revere fouled a ball that broke his foot within the week. Just a nightmare trade all around. Thanks, Phillies!"

Wilderman: "I knew at the draft that I needed to trade speed for power -- I just never got a deal together, and it was getting really, really late. I had Starling Marte, Everth Cabrera and Revere to deal, and was close to having something worked out involving Marte and Cabrera. I was (I thought) about to get Matt Kemp back, and I believed in my struggling pitchers (Matt Cain, Wade Miley and Tim Hudson), so the logical play was Revere for as much power as possible, eating any pretense of speed and also batting average if need be. Tristan was about the only guy with power to spare, and while I knew I was taking a gamble with Howard, that move seemed to have the most possible upside. Didn't work out, did it? Then came the Hudson injury and then the word on Kemp's very slow recovery. Oh well."

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