Top 5 Fantasy Football Mock Draft Tips

by Tim Heaney on August 7, 2013 @ 16:48:19 PDT


Remember these five tips while doing a fantasy football mock draft:

Miami Dolphins RB Lamar Miller
Beware risers and fallers

1. Show up on time…. OK, just show up.

It's like that person who was supposed to bring the keg but got drunk before the party and passed out. Your absence hinders everyone's ability to rage, including yours. It's a group effort.

2. Know your room.

Survey how much your competitors know about the game. As you gain more reps, you'll gravitate toward opponents at your skill base, and avoid drafting with "Whatisfootball?" and "NoobYOLO4lyfe."

3. Experiment.

Mocks are like freshman year of college: (Almost) anything goes. You'll have plenty of chances to try several directions. RB-RB-RB, WR-WR-WR, TE-TE-TE … whatever: Tailor your whims to your league settings as closely as possible. And try drafting with those in similar setups.

Remember everyone's name. Establish a safe word. Use protection. (I mean cheat sheets.)

4. Take notes.

"Damn, I need to grab Lamar Miller in Round 3 if I want him." "People are afraid of Rob Gronkowski." "QBs are dropping." Carving your path to the trophy takes long-term observations, flexibility and, just like the weight room, plenty of reps.

5. Remember … it's a mock.

Play off other people's strategies if you notice something useful. Don't fret over mistakes. Instead, see where they take you. Maybe you'll have a breakthrough.

It's all about rhythm and comfort. No draft will play out the same way, but you'll start noticing trends that can help you when it counts.

Don't mock the importance of mocks.

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