Fantasy Baseball Round Table: An experiment in trade negotiations, Part II

by Todd Zola, on June 12, 2013 @ 14:20:48 PDT


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We'll continue on with the trading exercise we began last week. If you recall, a pseudo-league with representative standings and rosters was created and we assigned teams to the Knights with the goal of everyone agreeing to at least one trade. A transcript of the negotiations will now be offered for more deals as well as some intermittent commentary.

Todd Zola sent the following to the league:

Cincinnati Reds OF Jay Bruce
Bruce dealt

Hey guys -- looking to deal Jay Bruce and/or Wil Myers. I could use help everywhere. If either (or both) is of interest, please let me know. If there's anyone else on my team you want to discuss, we can do that as well.

Lawr Michaels responded: I might be interested in Myers. I have a balanced team, but could stand being a little stronger in hitting.

Ryan Carey also responded: Hey Todd -- I was actually going to fire off an email to you -- and was going to dangle Jacoby Ellsbury (or Elvis Andrus). 

I wanted like to get a player with a better average than Bruce, but it's clear he would help me in HRs and RBIs -- but getting Myers as an add-on could get it done since I need upgrades at the back end of my outfield. I have some other pieces like Andy Dirks, Chris Denorfia, Adam Lind and Bud Norris that I'd be willing to move -- let me know if you see something to build on a package built around Ellsbury.

TZ to LM: I've got a weird one for you. I need the proverbial stars to align in such a way that the lightning can find the bottle whereas you could use a hitting boost but not in a desperate way.

I'll deal Myers and David DeJesus for Shane Victorino and B.J. Upton.

You can use Garrett Jones until Myers is up and have DeJesus as an emergency guy. I'll hope BJ finds his stroke and Victorino stays healthy.

TZ to RC: Mark Teixeira came back sooner than I thought -- any interest in Tex even up for Ells?  He'll give you a little more average than Bruce.

RC to TZ: Don't love that for Ellsbury, I have to be honest.

Not so adverse to Tex -- but I was hoping for a slightly better return for Ellsbury's speed. Might go for Tex for a lesser piece perhaps. Or maybe for some pitching instead.

TZ to RC: Just figured Tex was Bruce with a better average.

I'm dangling Myers elsewhere -- let me see where that goes and I'll circle back and maybe we can start where you suggested with Bruce and Myers.

That work?

RC to TZ: Absolutely -- I have Ellsbury dangling as well. Andrus is another option for speed if you are looking that way.

LM to TZ: Hmm. that is sort of a trade for the sake of trading, on one hand, which I generally discourage. OTOH, I think my team will probably enjoy being good enough to be considered good, but not good enough to actually be good, you know?

I would probably do that.

TZ to LM:

Yeah, I forced the deal, I do think it would help both but I sort of looked at both sides from the way I think and didn't let you finesse it your way. I have a bite on Myers, let me circle back there and see where I am afterwards and maybe we can still figure something out.

That work?

TZ to RC: OK, Myers is in the clear. You mentioned a vague 2-for-2 before -- is Ellsbury and Dirks for Bruce and Myers something you'd consider?

RC: to TZ: Yep -- I would do that deal. My other negotiations have hit a wall as well.

TZ to RC: So is this done?

RC to TZ: Yeah this one is done. I am open to Tex. Do you need pitching? Maybe Homer bailey or Andrew Cashner?

Talk continues....

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