Fantasy baseball FAAB rationale: AL LABR, Mixed Tout

      June 3, 2013 @ 18:20:00 PDT


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Disabled list: Unlimited
Bids of $0: No
Vickrey bidding (winning bid reduced to $1 plus second-highest bid): No
Salaried player must be active unless not on his club's 25-man roster.

Reserve Odorizzi, Jake (P), TB His debut wasn't too shabby, but his follow-up, vs. Miami, was ugly. The Rays will almost certainly turn to someone else this weekend.
1. $4 Torres, Alexander (P), TB This southpaw has turned in two crisp long-relief appearances since David Price hit the DL. Perhaps he'll get the nod this weekend.
1. $1 Garcia, Freddy (P), BAL Naturally, he pitched well after I released him. Naturally. I doubted that $1 would be enough. My $3 bid a few weeks ago wouldn't have been, either. He went for $5.
1. $1 Morales, Franklin (P), BOS This southpaw has already made one spot start, a solid effort. He has pitched well in Boston's rotation before and has nasty stuff. A long-term alternative to Torres.
1. $1 Kohn, Michael (P), LAA A decent RP who should strike out approximately 1 batter per IP.
1. $1 Shaw, Bryan (P), CLE A decent RP who should strike out approximately 1 batter per IP.
1. $1 Perez, Oliver (P), SEA A decent RP who should strike out approximately 1 batter per IP.

If Alexander Torres doesn't draw the Baltimore Orioles this weekend, he should still help me. (Considering the way the O's swing their sticks, a start against them for Torres might not be the best thing, anyway.)

The Tampa Bay Rays will inevitably need the lefty because Jeremy Hellickson, Roberto Hernandez or (if he gets the call again) Chris Archer can't go more than four or five. Plus, if and when the Rays demote Torres, I can then reserve him. He has moderate upside and little downside, minus that which could occur because of his history of modest control problems.

I strongly dislike Freddy Garcia. It's nothing personal.

Tout Wars - Mixed

Rosters | Full transaction list (with failed bids) | Standings

OBP replaces BA
Disabled list: Unlimited
Bids of $0: Yes
Vickrey bidding (winning bid reduced to $1 plus second-highest bid): Yes

reserve JHammel Bal Still not ready to give up on him, but continuing to search for pitching depth. Chris Tillman is the cut candidate if I land Skaggs.
1. bid $4 on TSkaggs Ari (Vickrey, $1) Brandon McCarthy may not miss much time, but his history of shoulder problems plus Skaggs' upside equal my piqued interest.
reserve DBarney ChC Although I've considered Barney to be adequate I'd like to upgrade, if possible. The options aren't pretty.
1. bid $0 on BDozier Min Dozier is hot, and his streak began shortly after he made some adjustments in the batter's box. He could be an upgrade by a few HR, SB, etc., in the long run.
2. bid $0 on JNix NYY Nix has warmed up, and he should have a few more weeks of PT, at least, at shortstop. In hindsight, I doubted that he'd be an upgrade.

Daniel Hudson's possible late-June return from TJS complicates Tyler Skaggs' outlook, but I'm surprised that no one else bid on the young lefty. The Arizona Diamondbacks have opened the door for Hudson's possible mid-June activation, but that sounds ambitious, to me.

Of course, McCarthy's shoulder ailment may actually turn out to be nothing more than mild inflammation and require a short stay on the DL, too. Still, I'm a little excited about Skaggs' prospects, and his probable two-start week had a total cost of $0 plus Tillman.

Tim cheated to win Brian Dozier. He paid a whole dollar for the Minnesota Twins' second baseman. Jayson Nix was kind of an aimless purchase, so I aim to send him back to the scrapheap next weekend.

I traded Tillman for a FAAB buck prior to today's lineup deadline, so I cut Alberto Callaspo, along with Darwin Barney, instead. I like Tillman. I think he's more than a fringe pitcher in a 15-team mixed league ... but how much more, I'm not sure.

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I explain the thought processes behind my bids. Perhaps they'll be helpful to you. Perhaps feedback will be helpful to me. Glance at rosters to see complete context.

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