Fantasy baseball FAAB rationale: AL LABR, Mixed Tout

      May 6, 2013 @ 17:45:00 PDT


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Disabled list: Unlimited
Bids of $0: No
Vickrey bidding (winning bid reduced to $1 plus second-highest bid): No
Salaried player must be active unless not on his club's 25-man roster.

Drop Blevins, Jerry (P), OAK He turns out to be one-week stopgap (more than acceptable, thanks to cheap W last Monday) for failed Brad Peacock experiment (which came to merciful end last week).
1. $3 Garcia, Freddy (P), BAL In need of innings -- hopefully semi-quality innings. Perhaps Orioles will work some magic here, coaxing more starts like Saturday's versus Angels. If not, back to drawing board in few weeks.

My two greatest needs don't require urgent address but are slowly becoming concerns. A hole one digs in a category becomes a well three months into a season in an AL- or NL-only league. Strikeouts -- and possibly wins -- may cause me greater anxiety than stolen bases because I need one more starting pitcher but could stand to add two or even three more. Jon Lester, Hiroki Kuroda and Lucas Harrell are my only other active starters.

Curtis Granderson isn't too far from returning to active duty, so this week, I'll send an announcement that I'm seeking to trade an outfielder in order to clear room for the Grandy Man and upgrade my pitching staff. I'll note that I'm willing to package a closer (I have three of them) in a larger deal if that possibility appeals to those who'll inquire.

Tout Wars - Mixed

Rosters | Full transaction list (with failed bids) | Standings

OBP replaces BA
Disabled list: Unlimited
Bids of $0: Yes
Vickrey bidding (winning bid reduced to $1 plus second-highest bid): Yes

reserve DBarney ChC His numbers before, after acquisition sort of back valuable point: Recent production may be greatest influence on FAAB waste. This $0 bid won't win me league, but has provided me with depth piece. Barney is walking much more frequently because he's hitting in front of pitcher.
1. bid 28 on DGordon LAD Came up just short (not really). He's extremely likely to stick when Hanley Ramirez returns because Dodgers are desperate for sparks on offense. Gordon has made great effort to draw walks, too. Could be huge.
2. bid 0 on ARosales Oak Latest experiment for A's at second base is hitting well (.278/.333/.417 in 41 PA) since activation from DL. Has more -- not much more, but more -- power, speed than Eric Sogard. Hoping to add MI depth, if not speed from MI, while I continue to miss Jose Reyes.
3. bid 0 on ACallaspo LAA If I can't add MI depth, I want to add 3B depth. Last week won't be last time I have to fend for Kevin Youkilis sub. Assuming Yuniesky Betancourt isn't my long-term backup plan. Pleased: Callaspo, just activated from DL, could be. In good lineup, plays often.
reserve XPaul Cin Last week's acid trip didn't turn out to be magic carpet ride but didn't hurt me. Ended up releasing Paul. Chris Heisey should be back within next week.
1. bid 0 on JBay Sea Bay drew little interest, unsurprisingly. He's simplified swing. He's playing regularly, hitting well. Franklin Gutierrez not near return. Another attempt to buy PT on cheap, hope it becomes something more valuable. Never know.
2. bid 0 on MOzuna Mia Was 99% certain I wouldn't get him. Rose to 99.9% because I made him No. 2 behind Bay. Had no interest in bidding war for likely short-term asset, but he didn't cost his winner much after all.
3. bid 0 on RGrossman Hou Stab at PT on cheap for Astros prospect with speed. His on-base skills are iffy, at best, however, so I wasn't interested in paying for him.

I have a throng of players (Kevin Youkilis, Chris Heisey, Matt Garza and Colby Lewis) who are likely to return from the disabled list within the next month, plus Luke Scott, whom I must activate or lost by next week. This week, I'll make this fact known to the rest of the league. I hope to make a two-for-one deal or acquire a few extra FAAB bucks.

Those kinds of deals are unlikely to aid my pursuit of stolen bases a great deal, unfortunately. Coming up short in the bid for Dee Gordon was pretty disappointing, but it turns out that I couldn't have competed with the $70 bid Seth Trachtman entered. Eric Mack outbid me by a buck, anyway, to force $30 from Seth's pocketbook. It's becoming more apparent that I'll have to address my problem via trade.

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I explain my bids. Perhaps my thought processes will be helpful to you. Perhaps your feedback will be helpful to me. In future entries, I plan to comment on select bids from others if I see opportunities to make points about them.
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