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By Brian Walton

In this year of FAAB (at least for my early-season columns), I have been thinking out loud about my concerns about the devaluation of free-agent allocation dollars, using National League Tout Wars to help illustrate my points.

Cincinnati Reds SP Tony Cingrani
New Vickrey for 2013

One factor I did not mention in earlier columns is what appeared to be a minor adjustment in the Tout Wars rules for 2013, but in reality is very significant. Driven by a majority of the league participants, the change is to remove the $10 minimum for all Vickrey bids over $10.

For example, in past years, had I bid $50 for Tony Cingrani and been the only bidder, I would have to pay $10 for him. If that same situation would have occurred in 2013, my cost would be just $1. (Had there been another bidder lower than me, I would pay $1 more than that offer.)

In other words, all things equal, Tout Wars FAAB will not be exhausted as quickly in 2013 as in prior years as the average dollar spent per player should decline.

In my last column, I looked at Tout spending by month in the NL-only league over the last three seasons. This time, we will dig into the top expenditures each month in 2010 through 2012.

Six months times three years means there were 18 top acquisitions. In reality, I will review just 14 of them here. The reason why is that twice in 2010 and 2011, there were multiple $10 players (reference the Vickrey discussion above).

In addition to the players and the amount of the winning bid, I looked up their maximum 5x5 statistical contribution to their new NL Tout teams that season. I say "maximum" since these players were not rostered the very day they entered into the NL pool. Further, they were not required to be in the active lineup other than for the first period after being acquired.

Who did owners buy?

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