Fantasy baseball FAAB rationale: AL LABR, Mixed Tout

      April 22, 2013 @ 17:26:00 PDT


For the second straight week, I didn't enter any bids. I have no players, other than Sam Fuld, I was willing to replace. I'm not married to Super Sam, but I expect Luke Scott to return next week. I didn't care to spend money on any of the available players because I'd likely be forced to release him then. This isn't the ideal solution, but my quick cost-benefit analysis suggested minimal rewards and more to lose.

Tout Wars - Mixed

I wasn't too ambitious this week. I didn't pursue any pitchers, including the highly desired Edward Mujica. I wouldn't have been willing to bid more than a few dollars on him; I don't believe that he'll be the final answer for the St. Louis Cardinals.

My opinion isn't unique, but his pseudo-title, at present, is, hence his cost ($19). Mujica gets outs, which is all that matters to the Cards, so perhaps Mike Matheny will stick with the right-hander for some time. I haven't analyzed the situation thoroughly yet, and I usually don't make a strong bid for a player if I haven't done so.

My survey of other hurlers available wasn't meticulous, but none, in terms of upside, viability and the tradeoff of my familiarity with those I already own appeared to be worth the trouble. My primary goal in early FAAB periods is to accumulate depth, but I won't make hasty decisions in order to meet it.

David Ortiz's return from the DL made the task of accruing depth a little more difficult: I already needed to release one player, and we may reserve only four. There are a good number of unsettled playing-time situations, in my opinion, and I much prefer to avoid chasing the possibility of short-term rewards. I opted to keep it simple because of time constraints.

release JValdespin NYM This drop is kind of experiment in what I expect to be continual pursuit of replacement for Jose Reyes. Will explain particular experiment in future edition. Really, it's more excuse.
1. bid 1 on DGregorius Ari Interesting prospect. I figured he'd attract interest, but he's highly unlikely to contribute heavily in core counting cats (HR, SB), so I wasn't willing to toss much on him.
2. bid 0 on DBarney ChC Returned from DL last week. Figured he'd not be high on anyone's list. Hasn't hit since his activation, but likely to get 500+ PAs, has 7 games this week, may be reliably acceptable in long term.
3. bid 0 on CGetz KC Decent bet to receive 450+ PAs. Thus, likeliest remaining MI to steal 15+ bases.
4. bid 0 on ESogard Oak Fallback fill-in. Has hit well for past 10 days, figured it won't hurt to see if he continued. Don't expect his PT to last.
reserve APollock Ari Would've forced decision to release A.J. Pollock, Chris Heisey, Oscar Taveras or Brandon Maurer. Was leaning Heisey when entered, but probably would've opted to dump Maurer.
1. bid 1 on EYoung Col This was last-minute entry. EY Jr. has played extensively in past week or more, with no explanation. Dexter Fowler and Todd Helton have missed some time, but Walt Weiss' comments to press about Young suggest that skipper likes what Young brings to table. Probably would've bid more had I had more time to go over situation because I could use that kind of SB upside, although unsure that I would've topped $4.

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I explain my bids. Perhaps my thought processes will be helpful to you. Perhaps your feedback will be helpful to me. In future entries, I plan to comment on select bids from others if I see opportunities to make points about them.
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