Fantasy Baseball Round Table: Preseason Awards

by Todd Zola, on April 3, 2013 @ 13:44:47 PDT


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American League Player outside of the Top 50 most likely to finish in the Top 10

TH: Alex Gordon - Great five-category production says uptick in power might be all he needs to do it. Austin Jackson a possibility, as well.

NM: Kendrys Morales - 2012 second half portends pre-injury form in store for 2013.

GM: Brett Lawrie - Has the tools. He needs to make adjustments, though.

LM: Howard Kendrick - Big year in there somewhere.

ZS: Matt Wieters - Might finally be ready to live up to "Joe Mauer with Power" hype. 

RC: Jason Kipnis - He has the talent to end up as the top overall second baseman in fantasy, just has to put it all together and stay healthy.

TZ: Austin Jackson - If he keeps improving contact, a fantasy stud in the making.

National League Player outside of the Top 50 most likely to finish in the Top 10

TH: Freddie Freeman - Will have to go nuts in the non-SB categories, but definitely possible. Shin-Soo Choo is my zany choice.

NM: Adam Wainwright - Kind of hedging bets for NL fantasy Cy Young Award ... he should be back to pre-TJS form.

GM: Wilin Rosario - Maybe not top-10 but is better than everybody thinks. He could sneak into the top 25 if he plays to his ceiling.

LM: Ike Davis

ZS: Anthony Rizzo

RC: Ike Davis

TZ: Carlos Gomez - A nod to Cory Schwartz of for pointing out Gomez has a three-year trend of rising HR/FB and fly ball percent so power could sustain plus should get full season of at bats.

American League First-Rounder most likely to finish outside of the Top 100

TH: Albert Pujols - Would've picked Mike Trout except for fact that SB buoy his value.

NM: Mike Trout - Call me regression police or whatever else you want. The game isn't that easy.

GM: Jose Reyes - Only due to injury risk. He should be fine, but he's the most likely.

LM: Josh Hamilton - Age and drugs catch up.

ZS: Josh Hamilton - Injury-prone and could have trouble adjusting to new environment.

RC: Josh Hamilton - He seems like the safest bet to crash this year.

TZ: Albert Pujols - Tim took the words right off of my keyboard.

National League First-Rounder most likely to finish outside of the Top 100

TH: Buster Posey

NM: Buster Posey - He's a catcher who hasn't been hurt in either of the past two years. He might be due.

GM: Troy Tulowitzki

LM: Andrew McCutchen - Talented, but his team is not.

ZS: Troy Tulowitzki - Constant health woes the main reason.

RC: Buster Posey

TZ: Andrew McCutchen - Ironic that most stable skill is power. Can hit .260 as easily as .300, and I'm worried about steals as his success rate is poor and Starling Marte will take over the leadoff spot.

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