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      March 28, 2013 @ 13:43:57 PDT

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The Papelbon price

I called his name for the same cost as Craig Kimbrel and for $1 more than Aroldis Chapman, who each had been snapped up previously. I should've gone the extra buck on one of the others and have taken some flak for buying the Phillies' stopper. But it's not as if I spent that money on John Axford.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim SP Jered Weaver
Weaver should weave more brilliance

If Kimbrel and Chapman are Tier 1 stoppers, Papelbon is 1A, if not in the same group, so I viewed the importance of locking up Paps as a relativity issue compared to the rest of the stopper lot - on the same weekend that we learned Jason Motte has an elbow injury.

Only once has Paps posted an ERA higher than 2.94. So he "only" strikes out 11 or so per nine. He's money, so I spent it on him.

Make-or-break buys

Weaver ($20) - Was fine with Moore and Cain but couldn't resist this one. I think people are dogging his K/9 too much - he fought through some injuries last year that probably affected his location and elite fly-ball authority. I could've spread this out over a few hurlers, but he should return to his 2011 peripherals and continue his top-notch production. Plus, having both Mike Trout and Peter Bourjos in the outfield will help. Sometimes, a history of hard-to-hit guile means succeeding despite a low K/9 isn't all luck.

Moore ($16) - I bought him early on in the draft, and the market subsided for midrange pitching in the middle time span of the bidding, as it tends to do. I missed out on plenty of those clearance buys, and I probably was a bit antsy on this lefty, but I believe in his growth. This one was really about auction timing, and I'm not upset about it. But the fact others, like Gallardo, went for a buck less irks me a little.

Utley ($16) - With health comes 20-20ish production, and he's by far, in a vacuum, one of the best at reaching first among keystoners. I was pleased that he went for the same price as Dan Uggla, $2 lower than Rickie Weeks and $3 below Brandon Phillips.

$1 favorites

Parra - I'll take someone who'll net at least 350 at-bats in this injury-riddled OF and steal 20 sacks.

Lind - If the smidge of improvement versus LHPs this spring carries over, they'll have little choice but to play him nearly every day. He's only a few years removed from a breakthrough year (this year's Aaron Hill?). And, like me, he took up yoga this winter, so....

Chen - Did you see that second-half K/9?


So patience was a slight issue, but I didn't lose the league this past Saturday. I simply bought heavy early on and had to sit on the sidelines for a bit.

I'll still have to search for saves, which isn't the optimal path for someone with my FAAB dearth. This will force me to be more active on pre-emptive pickups and trade discussions, which is how you win these anyway.

Come along for the ride, won't you? All the action in the four leagues can be found here.

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