Fantasy Baseball: Domonic Brown prepared to dominate?

      February 28, 2013 @ 15:46:50 PDT

Philadelphia Phillies OF Domonic Brown
No more Brownout

Phigures a Philadelphia Phillies phanatic would phan the phlames over a phormerly phorgotten Phightin'.

Yesterday, I tweeted:

Vid of Domonic Brown, per @NicholasMinnix. He doesn't look like a drunk guy trying to swing a bat anymore:

Hmm - nice find and observation by KFFL's ambassador from Delaware. I found Brown's awkward physicality so difficult to watch during his Arizona Fall League days. That video, in fact, was pretty smooth and shows his potential for more consistently authoritative contact. Charlie Manuel has been impressed.

A recent report details Brown's changes and credits new Phillies assistant hitting coach Wally Joyner:

The changes were to Brown's hands, specifically, how he gripped the bat. At times, Brown would wrap his hands and wrists around the bat.
... "We straightened his hands out a little bit, allowing his wrists to cock," Joyner said. "He's a big boy. He looks great. We want to take advantage of that size and leverage. That's one of the assets that Ryan Howard has. And he uses it. He has a lot of leverage. He stays behind it."
Joyner said he is careful not to overcoach. It is early in spring. Brown has had plenty of voices in his head before, and previous adjustments derailed him.

Implied keyword: balance.

To further the "spring noise": Joyner and Brown went to the same high school. Bonding! Either way, an extended jolt will distance Brown from the other members of this messy corner-outfield group.

Always put February and March reports into context. In this case, don't dismiss reasons to believe he'll stop making cuts like a newborn colt. Best part for mixed leaguers is they likely won't have to pony up more than late-round, depth-filling dollars to test these suddenly tangible conditions for the 25-year-old to cash in, years after his initial sky-high hype.

Of course, if he keeps mashing, the discount will gradually shrink. Also, NL-only players carry more palpable consequences with how they approach him, and there's plenty of downside if they overspend on a small sample.

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