Fantasy Basketball - The Beast Report: Tony Allen, Jeff Teague and more

by Justin "Fensty" Fensterman on January 29, 2013 @ 12:54:12 PDT


When playing fantasy basketball, you should not be discouraged to take a chance on a player who only helps in one statistical category. It is important to not only know your standing in your league, but to know where you stand per category. You should be regularly checking the "expanded standings" in your league for fine-tuning purposes. Just looking at what place you are in is not enough. You must look to see how you are doing in each category. If you are in third place, but are losing head to head in blocks every week, it will ultimately hurt you in the end. That is why standings can be deceiving. Do not be lazy. Take the extra step and win. Here are some of the beasts of the last two weeks:

Tony Allen, guard-forward, Memphis Grizzlies: Guards who rebound are most beneficial. I cannot stress that enough. Allen is known for his aggressiveness, and when looking at his statistics up close, you can see that. In the last two weeks, Allen has pulled down 5.3 rebounds and has contributed a block in every other game. Do not look at generic fantasy rankings because they will deceive you and turn you off to players who could actually be beneficial to your team. Allen has also grabbed 1.1 steals per game over the last few weeks.

On the offensive side, Allen has scored nine points while shooting over 46 percent from the field. He is a perfectly balanced player and is finally rewarding fantasy owners. He is a guy you always take a chance on because he plays about 30 minutes per game and will be involved late in the game. Playing time is something that he will never have to worry about, even on as deep of a team as the Grizzlies.

Jeff Teague, Atlanta Hawks

J.J. Redick, guard, Orlando Magic: The Magic's secret weapon off of the bench is not so secretive anymore. We all know how good of a shooter Redick is, but as of late, the phrase "on fire" is an understatement when describing his level of play. He has even gotten more opportunities to start lately. In the last two weeks, he has scored 17.3 points while shooting over 50 percent from the field. During that time he has been playing over 35 minutes per game.

Redick is known for his scoring but has been helpful in other standard fantasy basketball categories. In the last few weeks, he has contributed 3.6 rebounds and 4.4 assists per game. He has hit 3.6 three-pointers per game. He has had multiple 20-point games in January and has been the leader of Orlando's offense. As a starter, he has been even more effective, which might cause an official change in the team's rotation.

Martell Webster, guard-forward, Washington Wizards: The Wizards are finally at full strength and Webster has earned himself a solid rotation spot. In the last few weeks, he has shown his gratitude, especially on the scoring front. In that time, he has scored 12.1 points per game while shooting over 54 percent from the field. He has also been shooting over 95 percent from the free throw line. Webster's playing time has increased in small increments this season. As of late, he has been playing over 27 minutes per game.

Webster has also contributed in other standard fantasy basketball categories. He has grabbed 4.4 rebounds and dished 3 assists per game over the last few weeks. Webster will continue to help with those categories because he likes to drive to the basket and draw at least one extra defender. The other part of his role on offense is spot shooting. He is not afraid to spot up for three. Injuries have been a big part of Webster's career, but when healthy, he is a big threat on both sides of the ball.

Jeff Teague, guard, Atlanta Hawks: The Hawks have been hurting and Teague has been doing whatever it takes to keep the Hawks a cohesive unit, and his statistics have shown it. He has dished 8.3 assists per game over the last few weeks and has stolen the ball 1.1 times. He has been playing over 37 minutes per game and will often play over 40 minutes in a game.

His scoring over the last few weeks has made him stand out. He has scored 19.1 points per game while shooting over 52 percent from the hardwood. During that time, he has been shooting 86 percent from the charity stripe and has even grabbed a few rebounds per game. Teague's quickness makes it tough for any defender to guard him. He has even made nearly two three-pointers a game as well.

Emeka Okafor, center, Washington Wizards: It is scary to see Okafor playing like he did as a rookie. He has been a top-two rebounder over the last few weeks, grabbing 12 a game. In that same time period, he has contributed 1.1 steals and 1.3 blocks per game. He has scored 10.9 points per game while shooting over 59 percent from the floor.

All signs are looking up for Okafor as he continues to revitalize his career in D.C. When the injury bug leaves him alone, he has shown that he is one of the more dominant centers in the league. He, along with teammate Nene' and a healthy Wizards team, look a lot better than their standing. As a fantasy owner of Okafor, though, you have to expect that he will miss a couple of games. Do not get discouraged because he might be out for a four-game stretch at one point. Just hope that it is before late March when the fantasy basketball playoffs begin.

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