Fantasy Basketball - The Beast Report: A.J. Price, Jared Dudley and more

by Justin "Fensty" Fensterman on January 15, 2013 @ 17:53:39 PDT


For the last couple of weeks I have talked about how you can look more in-depth at statistics when it comes to balancing out your team. You must look at each player and judge them based on how many categories they can help you win. When looking at centers, do not only look at the rebound and block numbers. When looking at point guards, do not only look at assists and steals. You want to get the maximum value from your player. Play to win all categories, but trade with caution. Here some more beasts who have made an impact in the last month.

A.J. Price, guard, Washington Wizards: Price's value has skyrocketed over the last month because versatile point guards are hard to find. Price helps in many categories. In the last 30 days he has improved his scoring average to 12.7 points while shooting 48.0 percent from the field. From the free-throw line, he has shot 90.0 percent. In this same time period he has made one three-pointer a game and has dished 4.7 assists.

On the defensive end, he has grabbed 3.3 rebounds and has blocked 1.7 shots in the last month. His playing time has increased, as well, as he has been playing over 27 minutes per game. I do not see Price disappearing, even with John Wall back. Price will still be utilized. He will be playing alongside Wall in the same backcourt. When Wall does struggle shooting, it will be up to Price and Jordan Crawford (who was on last week's beast report) to pick up the slack.

Jared Dudley, Phoenix Suns

Jared Dudley, guard-forward, Phoenix Suns: Dudley has certainly turned up his game in the last month. His playing time has improved as he has played over 36 minutes per night over the last month as opposed to the 30 minutes per game he was getting before. His scoring has improved as he scores 15.7 points while shooting over 48 percent from the field. From the charity stripe, Dudley has shot 89 percent over the last 30 days.

Often waiting at the elbow or three-point line for a crisp Goran Dragic pass, Dudley has made almost two three-pointers a game. He has improved other areas of his game as of late as he grabs 5.1 rebounds and contributes 3.8 assists. He will even get a steal per game for you. He is a top option on offense, but his defense is what stands out the most.

Brook Lopez, center, Brooklyn Nets: Lopez has been very consistent throughout the season. Lopez is a big contributor on offense, because he has a very good midrange game and never shies away from an open jumper. Who would think to guard a 7-footer outside of the paint? Lopez has scored 18.9 points while shooting 49.8 percent from the field. Even though you might be disappointed in his rebounding, he still pulls down 7.8 rebounds per game.

The Nets are very careful with how they utilize Lopez; he plays less than 30 minutes a game. Lopez has had a number of leg and foot injuries over the last few years. When on the court, he makes a big impact. He blocks 1.7 shots per game showing that he does play like a bit game. He will even contribute a steal and an assist in most games. Imagine what Lopez could do if he were given an extra 10 minutes per night.

Wilson Chandler, guard-forward, Denver Nuggets: With all of the shooting guards and small forwards on the Nuggets, I am surprised that Chandler has been able to make as big of an impact as he has over the last month. When I suggested picking him up in a waiver wire report months ago, I thought he would contribute some but not to the extent that he has. He has been playing only 21 minutes per game over the last month.

Chandler has scored 14.0 points per game while shooting nearly 43 percent from the field over the last month. In that same time period, he has grabbed six rebounds and has stolen the ball three times per game. He has made at least two three-pointers a game. This is the time to really value Chandler and dangle him as a bargaining chip if you are looking to upgrade your roster. Chandler is quick, good on both ends of the court and does not even play for half of the game. I see his playing time increasing soon enough.

Darren Collison, guard, Dallas Mavericks: When Derek Fisher was brought in at the beginning of the season, I thought Collison's numbers would plummet. Fisher is now off of the team and Collison has been playing over 30 minutes per game. He has averaged 13 points while shooting over 48 percent from the floor. He has also shot 88 percent from the free-throw line. He has been a consistent player on both ends of the court.

I have said before that point guards who help out in tall-player categories are special. Collison grabs 2.3 rebounds per game, which is very helpful. Remember, every little statistic counts. He has dished 5.1 assists and stolen the ball 1.4 times per game. Even though Dallas has had an overall poor season, Collison has still been able to make a fantasy impact and serve as a great number second point guard option on any fantasy team.

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