Bryce Harper, not Mike Trout, the better fantasy baseball treasure

      November 5, 2012 @ 20:35:45 PDT

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Here's why:

  • Pedigree
    • Trout was an elite prospect with unquestionable All-Star potential.
    • Harper was a once-in-a-lifetime prospect.
  • Acumen
    • Trout is a bright youngster. He largely struggled in his initial exposure to major league pitching, which came in 2011, his age-19 season. Failure had been scarce for him. He learned from that disappointment, however, and by May of 2012, he'd clearly demonstrated that he had nothing to prove in the minor leagues.
    • Harper's baseball intellect is rare. He applies lessons cultivated from previous experiences incredibly quickly. He debuted on the same date in 2012 that the Angels called up Trout. Harper didn't succeed right away in his age-19 season, but he adapted relatively rapidly and didn't require a demotion. He has already faced adversity at multiple levels and has conquered it on each occasion - swiftly. Perhaps contrary to perception, he's extremely receptive to instruction and absorbs knowledge like a paper towel does agua.
  • Expected production
    • Trout's 2012 numbers are practically certain to regress in 2013, and, as Ron stressed, stressed and stressed - and stressed - to attendees, this past campaign was extremely likely to be the Halo's career year. Although evaluators agreed that Trout was capable of production fairly close to that level at his peak, he hadn't yet produced in the minors at the pace he did once he reached the majors this year and wasn't considered likely to do so yet.
    • Trout's monumental season in a sense overshadowed Harper's thoroughly impressive 2012 campaign, which is a little surprising when one considers that Harper received so much attention for things besides his statistics. The Nats' ultimate foundation didn't make history, but he didn't do anything ... unexpected.
  • Injury risk
    • Trout's play in the outfield is super-heroic but is seemingly close to abandon. He's been watching too much highlight footage of Torii Hunter.
    • Harper plays with similar energy but is a little more under control. Each player may have a sense of indestructibility, but Harper doesn't appear to be as willing to test his threshold for pain so often.
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