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      October 18, 2012 @ 17:22:30 PDT

I am officially calling for the end of head-to-head fantasy football schedules in experts leagues. While jawing with your buddy about a matchup may be fun in a personal league, there is little reason for this archaic format to exist in competitive setups.

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Let's face it ... you probably wouldn't keep in touch with as many old friends as you do without being online. Most of my personal leagues consist of owners scattered throughout the country, with our major binding tie is the Internet. Very little chatter goes on in these leagues, and most of the people have known each other for decades. I've talked more MLB playoffs smack this year than I have about football in any of my 14 fantasy leagues, and I don't even like baseball.

My proposal is either a total points race or a points race with head-to-head wins counting as a nominal point value - a bonus, if you will, so people can continue to flap their gums. How many times have you scored a ton of points in a week and lost because someone scored more than you? How many times have you scored a metric boatload during a season and finished with a poor head-to-head record only to miss the playoffs?

I'm sure it sounds like I am crying over spilled milk, which really isn't the case. I have a hard time understanding what draw is to head-to-head when it is an inferior model. It leaves too much to chance and delegitimizes the efforts of savvy lineup deciders. Total points races are more accurate representations of just how good of a fantasy footballer you are, and isn't that the biggest reason why most people play - the chase of the championship? Smack talk is a byproduct of success, unless you're one of those people. I have seen just as much or more smack being bantered about in points races, based solely on the competitive nature of fantasy football.

While I have this soapbox all warmed up, another fantasy football pet peeve of mine is the lack of leagues with flexibly lineup ability. If I want to start one running back, five receivers and a tight end, it should be my right to! Or three RBs, two wideouts and two tight ends ... or 1-3-3 ... you get the picture. Why have we as fantasy owners allowed ourselves to be backed into this fictitious corner because that's what someone decided would be the common format years ago?

Nothing stops NFL teams from playing any random format they want to in real life, as long as the tackles are covered. Fantasy owners should have that same freedom, too!

Changes like these can become the new norm if you are vocal enough about it. If you are with me, tweet #FantasyFootballFreedom with a link to this article and maybe we can begin a movement for the 2013 season!

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