Fantasy Football Rankings: LB - Week 7

by KFFL Staff     October 19, 2012 @ 19:30:54 PDT




Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings

RKFan PosTierRnk ChngLinebackersTMVsSPWPGTklAssSkFumRIntTD FumTD IntAll S/T TDSftyFumF
111 Daryl WashingtonARI@MINSP 42553.00000002
211 Philip WheelerOAKJAXSP 32190.01000002
311 Curtis LoftonNO@TBSP 32781.00000000
411 Lance BriggsCHIDET  31701.00202001
512 Jerod MayoNENYJ  420181.01100001
612 Luke KuechlyCARDAL  316120.00100000
712 Larry FootePIT@CIN  31471.02000001
81 or 23 Chad GreenwayMINARI  426152.00000000
91 or 23 London FletcherWAS@NYG  421241.00000000
101 or 23 James LaurinaitisSTLGB WP43150.50000000
111 or 23 Paul PoslusznyJAX@OAK WP32160.00100000
1224 O'Brien SchofieldARI@MINSP 41854.00000000
1324 Nick BarnettBUFTEN  42582.00000001
1424 Jerrell FreemanINDCLE  318130.00000000
1525 David HarrisNYJ@NESP 42390.01000000
1625 Akeem AyersTEN@BUF  419161.00000000
1725 Lavonte DavidTBNO  32250.00000000
1826 Jonathan CasillasNO@TBSP 1310.01000000
1926 Mason FosterTBNO  31860.00000000
2026 Russell AllenJAX@OAK WP32060.00000000
2126 Sean LeeDAL@CAR WP31870.00100000
222 or 37 D'Qwell JacksonCLE@IND  415130.00000000
232 or 37 Lawrence TimmonsPIT@CIN  31350.00100001
242 or 37 Bryan ScottBUFTEN  41670.01100000
252 or 37 Perry RileyWAS@NYG  413231.01000000
262 or 37 Rey MaualugaCINPIT  420150.00000000
2738 Craig RobertsonCLE@IND  41760.00100000
2838 Stephen TullochDET@CHI  31640.01000000
2938 Justin DurantDET@CHI  31710.00000000
30QUE8 Michael BoleyMichael Boley newsNYGWAS  42120.50100000
3138 Vontaze BurfictCINPIT  417111.00000000
3239 Rolando McClainOAKJAXSP 31190.00000000
3339 James AndersonCARDAL  310120.00000000
3439 Chase BlackburnNYGWAS  41551.00100000
3539 Jo-Lonn DunbarSTLGB WP41962.00000001
3639 A.J. HawkGB@STL WP417151.00000000
37QUE9UP-NRAnthony SpencerDAL@CAR WP1520.00000000
383 or bench10 Paris LenonARI@MINSP 41560.00000000
393 or bench10 Bradie JamesHOUBALSP 412100.50000000
40QUE10UP-NRDont'a HightowerNENYJ  2701.00000000
413 or bench10 Brandon SpikesNENYJ  41490.00000002
423 or bench10 James HarrisonPIT@CIN  2621.00000000
43QUE10 Colin McCarthyTEN@BUF  2590.00000000
443 or bench10 Jasper BrinkleyMINARI  413120.00000001
45Bench11 Bart ScottNYJ@NE WP41070.00000000
46Bench11 Miles BurrisOAKJAX WP3430.00000000
47Bench11 DeAndre LevyDET@CHI WP31240.01000000
48Bench11 Zach BrownTEN@BUF WP41460.00000000
49Bench11 Jameel McClainBAL@HOU WP41840.00000000
50Bench11 Dannell EllerbeBAL@HOU WP41611.50000001
51Bench12 Kavell ConnerINDCLE WP3980.00000000
52Bench12 Kyle BosworthJAX@OAK WP3850.00100000
53Bench12 Clay MatthewsGB@STL WP41052.00000001
54Bench12 Demarcus WareDAL@CAR WP3634.00000003
55Bench13 Calvin PaceNYJ@NE WP4861.00000001
56Bench13 Scott ShanleNO@TB WP3760.00000000
57Bench13 Jason WorildsPIT@CIN WP3722.00000000
58QUE13UP-NRPat AngererINDCLE WP00         
59Bench13 Ryan KerriganWAS@NYG WP4861.50101000
60Bench14 Brian UrlacherCHIDET WP3910.00000000
61Bench14 Thomas DavisCARDAL WP2450.00000000
62Bench14 LaMarr WoodleyPIT@CIN WP2401.00000000
63Bench14 Moise FokouINDCLE WP3751.00000000
64Bench15 Sam AchoARI@MIN WP4632.00000001
65Bench15 Brooks ReedHOUBAL WP4651.50000001
66Bench15 Martez WilsonNO@TB WP3301.01000001
67Bench15 Paul KrugerBAL@HOU WP41111.00000000
68Bench15 Victor ButlerDAL@CAR WP3810.01000000
69Bench15 Bruce CarterDAL@CAR WP3840.00000000
70Bench16 Bryan ThomasNYJ@NE WP3401.00000000
71Bench16 Connor BarwinHOUBAL WP4520.01000000
72Bench16 Jermaine CunninghamNENYJ WP4420.01000000
73Bench16 Will WitherspoonTEN@BUF WP4950.00000000
74Bench16 Erin HendersonMINARI WP2510.00000001
75Bench16 Kelvin SheppardBUFTEN WP41130.00000000
76Bench16 Rob JacksonWAS@NYG WP4820.00101000
77Bench16 Rocky McIntoshSTLGB WP4820.00100000
78Bench16 Courtney UpshawBAL@HOU WP4960.01000000
79Bench16 Alex AlbrightDAL@CAR WP1300.00000000
80Bench17 Nick RoachCHIDET WP3401.00000000
81QUE17 Marvin MitchellMINARI WP2200.01000000
82Bench17 Nigel BradhamBUFTEN WP4920.00000000
83Bench17 Chris KelsayBUFTEN WP4711.00000000
84Bench17 Arthur MoatsBUFTEN WP4810.00000000
85Bench17 Dwight FreeneyINDCLE WP2211.00000000
86Bench17 Quincy BlackTBNO WP3530.00000000
87Bench17 Lorenzo AlexanderWAS@NYG WP4321.51000000
88Bench17 Manny LawsonCINPIT WP4651.00000000
89Bench17 Erik WaldenErik Walden newsGB@STL WP4460.00000000
--DBT--DN-59Jon BeasonCARDAL  2460.00000000
--OUT-- Daryl SmithJAX@OAK  00         
--OUT-- Robert MathisINDCLE  2312.00000001
--OUT-- Scott FujitaCLE@IND  3821.00000000
--OUT-- Nick PerryGB@STL  4732.00000000
--OUT-- David HawthorneNO@TB  11100000000
--PUP-- Terrell SuggsBAL@HOU  00         
--PUP-- Jonathan VilmaNO@TB  00         
--PUP-- Aaron CurryOAKJAX  00         
--PUP-- Darryl SharptonHOUBAL  00         
--PUP-- Clint SessionJAX@OAK  00         
--PUP-- Frank ZomboGB@STL  00         
--SUSP-- D.J. WilliamsDENBYE  00         
--IR-R-- Ray LewisBAL@HOU  428100.00000000
--IR-- Brian CushingHOUBAL  31460.00000000
--IR-- D.J. SmithGB@STL  41761.00000000
--IR-- Josh MaugaNYJ@NE  3210.00000000
--BYE-- Sean WeatherspoonATLBYE  42362.00000001
--BYE-- Stephen NicholasATLBYE  41440.00000000
--BYE-- Akeem DentATLBYE  41160.00000000
--BYE-- Von MillerDENBYE  413630000001
--BYE-- Wesley WoodyardDENBYE  4131410100000
--BYE-- Joe MaysDENBYE  3390.00000000
--BYE-- Keith BrookingDENBYE  41150.00000000
--BYE-- Derrick JohnsonKCBYE  42761.00000000
--BYE-- Justin HoustonKCBYE  41225.00100000
--BYE-- Tamba HaliKCBYE  41304.00000001
--BYE-- Jovan BelcherKCBYE  41620.00000000
--BYE-- Karlos DansbyMIABYE  42451.00000000
--BYE-- Kevin BurnettMIABYE  41980.50000000
--BYE-- Koa MisiMIABYE  41271.50000002
--BYE-- DeMeco RyansPHIBYE  42490.00000000
--BYE-- Mychal KendricksPHIBYE  41160.00000000
--BYE-- Donald ButlerSDBYE  413110.50101000
--BYE-- Takeo SpikesSDBYE  42030.00000001
--BYE-- Shaun PhillipsSDBYE  41132.01000001
--BYE-- Demorrio WilliamsSDBYE  4820.00000000


  • P - Probable - player has a 75 percent chance of playing
  • Q - Questionable - player has a 50 percent chance of playing
  • D - Doubtful - player has a 25 percent chance of playing
  • O - Out - player is not going to play
  • IR - Injured Reserve - player is out for the remainder of the season

KFFL Fantasy Football Rankings Key

Note - Displayed statistics are from past four weeks unless less than four weeks of data is available.

RK - Overall rank, not absolute rank; each option is part of a tier of one or more players

Fan Pos - Fantasy position and/or status of player this week for 12-team leagues with 16-player rosters

No. 1 option at position this week
Injured; playing status for this week is indicated by GTD (game-time decision), QUE (questionable), DBT (doubtful) or OUT
No. 2 option at position this week
Injured; playing status for this week is to be determined
No. 3 option at position this week
Injured; on Physically Unable to Perform list and not eligible to play until team activates him
Option for flex spot at position this week
Injured; on Non-Football Injury list and not eligible to play until team activates him
Not a recommended option at position this week
Injured; on Reserve/Injured list and not eligible to play this season
On a bye and not playing this week
Ranking will be updated following Monday night game

Tier - Grouping of similarly ranked options this week; one player may be considered over others in same tier based on preference

Rnk Chng - Indicates if player has moved up or down since previous release of rankings

Was not ranked in previous release
Has moved up since previous release; number indicates previous rank
Has moved up since previous release; number indicates previous rank

SP/WP - Indicates if player has a matchup that makes him a strong play or a weak play this week

Has a favorable matchup and could exceed usual production; not an endorsement to play any player in one tier over one in a higher tier
Has an unfavorable matchup and could fail to meet level of usual production; not an endorsement to bench any player in one tier in favor of one in a lower tier

FA - Indicates if player is a target on waiver wire or in free-agent pool

May be available in your league and should be acquired, especially if you need help at position
May be available in your league and should be monitored, especially if you need help at position. He may be worthy of acquiring soon
May be available in your league and could be acquired, especially if you need help at position
May be available in your league and should be acquired if you need a one-week play; has a favorable matchup but may not necessarily have long-term value


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