Fantasy Basketball: Don't ignore flex players in your draft

by Justin "Fensty" Fensterman on October 9, 2012 @ 00:06:57 PDT


The fantasy basketball season is upon us, meaning it is time to put speculation to rest and start your research ... and rely on KFFL to do a lot of it for you!

You are entering a season-long battle; I am here to help make your journey to having a dominant fantasy basketball team a fun and easy one. In previous articles, I have defined fantasy basketball as a whole and now it is time to get into the gritty portion of fantasy basketball.

Tim DuncanI have said it before and I will say it again: Drafting a good fantasy basketball team does not mean drafting the best available player at the time of your pick in every single round.

As in all fantasy sports, in your first two or three rounds, you will be drafting your team's cornerstone players. However, after those first few rounds, you need to draft players who can help you win specific categories week after week. Am I saying to go draft a Serge Ibaka before a Paul Pierce? No! If a Joakim Noah is the best available player when your pick comes up and you already have a center or two, do not be afraid to draft a Jason Terry if you need guard or assist depth.

If early in your draft you are noticing that centers - or any other position for that matter - you desire are disappearing left and right off of your draft board, do not worry because, in fantasy basketball, some players will be eligible to play multiple positions. These types of players are known as flex players and can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to rounding out the foundation of your squad. If you see a player who qualifies at both center and forward, it can be very valuable to your team. It provides a bit of a safety net for your draft mentality because you will not have to feel that you need to have to draft a certain player strictly based off the thought that the player fills a positional need for you. A player such as David Lee might qualify at both the forward and center positions and Lee gives you what you need from a natural center while also providing valuable depth to another position and flexibility on where you can use him during the course of the season. Some players also will be guard-forward eligible .

Flex players will help you concentrate on your team's positional - not player - needs. You should not look at the next top-10 available players of your fantasy provider's overall rankings, or your own overall rankings for that matter. That is not how you should draft. If that was the case last season, it is time you need a new strategy. You have to scroll down and find these flex players because Wes Matthews can be an effective shooting guard AND guard-forward for your team providing more balance. If you see a player on your draft provider's board labeled "FC", "GF", "G" or "F" put them in your draft queue should you have holes to fill at those positions.

We all play to win a fantasy basketball championship and it starts with the draft. You need to build a foundation because injuries occur. Having players with eligibility at multiple positions really helps in this area, too, as it provides you with quality backups to several positions while coming from one roster spot. If you lose a team cornerstone for the regular season, it does not mean your fantasy season is over. Draft smart and build your foundation.

Remember the flex players.

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