I'm sorry. I have to talk about Tim Tebow. Let's just get this over with.

      October 4, 2012 @ 10:55:37 PDT

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New York Jets RB Shonn Greene
More lanes?

Gang Green's O lacked that clarity under Brian Schottenheimer last year and hasn't yet experienced it under the watch of ground disciple Sparano, who, lest you forget, has experience with wildcat and other tricky QB tricks. He could probably craft something close to what Denver did with the spread-option attack.

Theoretically, it would open up more running lanes for the Jets' toters as defenses would have to account for No. 15's legs (not so much for his arm). Greene would have no choice but to run forward through what should be better gaps, or so they'd hope. To involve the wideouts more, they'd have to run more quick slants, screens and the type of short patterns that made Demaryius Thomas occasionally successful for Denver late last year.

Going to Tebow Time would ideally slow down the pace, keeping their opponents off the field as much as possible to avoid putting too much responsibility on a Darrelle Revis-less defense.

Will the Jets have the gall to flip the switch holding a 2-2 record? Getting crushed by an elite San Francisco 49ers defense isn't unfounded; they're quite good and have done the same to many excellent offenses.

New York's tally and 2-0 AFC East record don't say they're in danger, but their on-field product says they'll struggle to remain competitive. Is their commitment to Sanchez more important than their immediate future? Most will argue it is. But even though he's been on the cusp of a Super Bowl before, sticking with Sanchez doesn't give them what they paid for: a franchise slinger that can carry games on his own without the help of his cast mates.

Sure, the league is closer to figuring out the Tebow O. On paper, however, a Jets switch to Tebow - at least with a platoon closer to 50-50 in snaps - makes sense and would give slightly more hope to the rumble game. It'd be a near death knell, on the other hand, for the receiving targets (maybe not as much for the tight ends).

Tebow himself wouldn't be more than a low-end QB2 that's most valuable as a bye fill-in. Unfortunately, "ugly wins" still don't count in fantasy leagues.

As for Tebow's real-life value, I apologize to the sports media world, but dangit, the idea is growing on me.

Sorry. Save me. Please.

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