Fantasy Baseball Tumbling Dice: XFL X-ray (Rebuild, Part II)

by Lawr Michaels, on September 25, 2012 @ 11:07:15 PDT


Tampa Bay Rays SP Matt Moore
Many more years of Moore

I am anticipating no 2013 draft more than that of the Experts Fantasy League (XFL).

That auction is coming up in just a little over five weeks as part of BaseballHQ's Arizona First Pitch Forum.

The XFL is pretty much a straightforward 15-team mixed format save that we buy our teams on the heels of the previous year. Then, in March, we have a 17-round expansion draft that allows for adjustments to mistakes and/or holes perpetrated during the November auction.

Playing against the likes of my mates Brian Walton, Todd Zola, and the particularly deadly Don Drooker, not to mention Ron Shandler, Peter Kreutzer, Alex Patton, and Steve Moyer, thinking ahead and out of the box are necessary criteria.

I actually sacrificed my 2012 XFL season on draft day, when I overspent on Roy Halladay and Albert Pujols with the sole purpose of trading them to contenders for future keepers. In addition, I tried to draft both young and cheap, with an eye on 2013 to start.

As noted in this virtual space, that was successful, as I parlayed the two stars into Yoenis Cespedes ($1), Matt Moore ($1), Yonder Alonso ($3), and Matt Harrison ($5).

That gives me a 15-man freeze list going into the November 1 auction of:  

C: Hector Sanchez ($4)
1B: Yonder Alonso ($4)
2B: Dustin Ackley ($4)
3B: Kyle Seager ($6)
CI: Allen Craig ($15)
OF: Lorenzo Cain ($6)
OF: Ben Revere ($7)
OF: Yoenis Cespedes ($4)
OF: Alejandro De Aza ($6)
P: Matt Moore ($4)
P: Matt Harrison ($7)
RES: Nick Castellanos
RES: Miguel Sano
RES: Tony Sanchez
RES: Manny Banuelos

This gives me $193 to spend on a catcher, shortstop, middle infielder, two outfielders, a utility hitter, and five pitchers.

It also means I have roughly $17.5 per player to spend, and in the shallow mixed format, that should mean I can round out my squad with some pretty effective players.

Maybe even getting the now overpriced Halladay (who was $42 last year) and Pujols ($65 in 2012) back at half their 2012 cost and still have $140 to spend on my remaining squad.

I have to say it has been a long and slow year, for I dropped to last place within the first month of this year, and simply stayed there. However, the larger plan was to set myself up, and with the bulk of my team salaries going up just $3 a year, I can keep this core and work around them for several years to come.

Of course the results will indeed be well-documented, but I would like to finish with a couple of things, starting with a conversation I had with Brian Walton the other morning.

We were discussing writing strategy articles, and how it is hard to tread the line between putting some useful information and analysis out there, and not being stuck on incessantly writing about "my team."

For certainly that sort of endless bantering about "our players" is what drove both of us to try to avoid that and indeed concoct something useful to fantasy players.

Still, it is hard to contextualize strategy without looking at what is most familiar, so "my guys" inherently slip into the conversation; much like "your guys" would for you were we sitting in a room talking about our squads.

So, in that context - of hoping our documented strategy gives you some thoughts on how to approach a rebuild in your own keeper formats - we offer these pieces, hoping we don't drone on longer than is necessary about "our guys."

With that, thanks to you for tuning in every week, and I do hope the postings proved useful to you and your teams.

And, well, thanks so much for the support from Cory, Keith, Nick, Tim, et al. at KFFL!

It has been a great season. And, I look forward to next.

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