Fantasy Baseball Round Table: Review and Preview - 2B, SS, OF

by Todd Zola, on September 19, 2012 @ 14:55:22 PDT


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Preseason Top 30

Ryan Braun
Jacoby Ellsbury
Jose Bautista
Carlos Gonzalez
Justin Upton
Curtis Granderson
Matt Holliday
Andrew McCutchen
Josh Hamilton
Michael Stanton
Hunter Pence
Jay Bruce
Michael Cuddyer
Alex Gordon
Nelson Cruz
Mike Morse
Corey Hart
Adam L. Jones
Shane Victorino
Desmond Jennings
Michael Bourn
Jayson Werth
Shin-Soo Choo
B.J. Upton
Chris B. Young
Carl Crawford
Melky Cabrera
Andre Ethier
Jeff Francoeur
Ichiro Suzuki

Baltimore Orioles OF Adam Jones
Who's keeping up with Jones?

Projected Final Top 30

Ryan Braun - so much for the backlash effect
Mike Trout - you may have heard of him
Josh Hamilton - only thing between Miguel Cabrera and a Triple Crown
Andrew McCutchen - fallen off since All-Star break
Alex Rios - inconsistent label not warranted
Carlos Gonzalez - as usual, health lowers production
Adam L. Jones - power maturation continues
Matt Holliday - same old same old
Jay Bruce - still no gains in contact rate so average still low
Curtis Granderson - same guy as last season, less the steals
Josh Willingham - park factors, schmark factors
Jason Heyward - beginning to fulfill promise
Giancarlo Stanton - hopefully knee heals in the offseason
Carlos Beltran - drank whatever Lance Berkman drank last season to stay healthy
Corey Hart - quietly productive
Alfonso Soriano - late career power surge
Josh Reddick - power expected but not to this extent
Melky Cabrera - sigh
Mark Trumbo - late-season struggles may temper 2013 playing time just a bit
Michael Bourn - running less in Atlanta, but 9 homers keeps value high
B.J. Upton - what you see is what you get
Austin Jackson - steals down but an even higher than normal BABIP keeps Jackson among top outfielders
Torii Hunter - power and speed down, but insane BABIP buoying average
Hunter Pence - drop in contact and a low BABIP results in disappointing average
Allen Craig - dude can rake when healthy
Jason Kubel - took advantage of move to the desert
Nelson Cruz - injury prone plus getting old fast
Yoenis Cespedes - injuries hurt production but skill is there
Angel Pagan - typical quietly useful campaign
Andre Ethier - injuries temper production

Most Likely to Enter 2013 Top 30

Desmond Jennings - if only he can stay healthy
Cameron Maybin - will 2013 be the year?
Jacoby Ellsbury - be ready to pounce if he falls to the third round

Most Likely to Leave Top 30 in 2013

Carlos Beltran - health still a risk
Melky Cabrera - sigh
Torii Hunter - decline being masked
Josh Reddick - will still hit homers, just not this many

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