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Fantasy basketball season is here. Are you ready for your fantasy basketball draft? Need to pick up some players on your waiver wire? Are you up to speed on all of the offseason NBA changes that have an impact on the fantasy basketball landscape?

During the NBA preseason and regular season, KFFL will have your back to help you build the best possible fantasy basketball team this year. We're all about winning and our No. 1 goal is to make sure your fantasy season is a successful one.

The following is the top-100 fantasy basketball options based upon standard scoring for the 2012-13 fantasy basketball season along with fantasy basketball tips for each player.

We take into account all of the latest injuries, news, depth chart moves, transactions and blend it with our fantasy basketball experience. Be sure to check in often for updates as we let you know which players are moving up the draft board and which ones are quickly falling in the ranks.

Rank Pos Player Name Team Fantasy Tip
1 F LeBron James MIA Why wouldn't you want to draft this generation's Magic Johnson? James will be able to help you out in just about every standard scoring category on a nightly basis.
2 F Kevin Durant OKC Durant is another player who will help out in most categories. He scored 28 points per game last season while shooting just under 50 percent from the field; not too shabby!
3 G Chris Paul LAC The Clippers offense goes directly through Paul. He will have nights in which he scores 25 a game and others where he will have double-digit assists, providing a balanced stat sheet for your team on a weekly basis.
4 C Dwight Howard LAL With the move to the Lakers, it will be difficult for Howard to keep up the 20 points per game he scored last season, but he will still be a solid fantasy asset. I can see Howard's rebounding numbers increase. Not having all of the pressure to be a number one scoring option will benefit him most.
5 G Deron Williams BKN Like Paul, Williams is in total control of the Nets offense. With the amount of weapons that he has, he will pad your stats in, at least points, assists and steals.
6 G Dwayne Wade MIA Even though he is second-fiddle to James, when Wade goes off, which is often, James has been able to step aside and let Wade be the top-five player he has been for most of his career. Even with all of his health issues, and in the face of adversity, he still always finds a way to make a big impact.
7 F Carmelo Anthony NYK Last season, Anthony was able to stand out as the Knicks top scoring option and also showed signs of a defensive game. I would not be surprised if he qualifies at both small and power forward in fantasy leagues. He'll also bring rebounds to the table for your team.
8 F Kevin Love (INJ) MIN Love claimed that he was the best power forward and delievered last season. He is the focal point of Minnesota's scoring and he averaged over 13 rebounds a game last season. Love has a broken hand and is out 4-8 weeks.
9 G Kobe Bryant LAL With the addtions of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard, Bryant's scoring might go down, but I see his shot selection and overall offensive game improving. He is still one of the most reliable fantasy options in the game today.
10 G Rajon Rondo BOS The old school 1990's point guard of the league would be KEY to fantasy basketball success because not only is his game centered around distribution, but he also can be seen with a triple-double on his stat line. Year after year, he has shown why he is key to the Celtics success.
11 G Russell Westbrook OKC The Thunder's second scoring option will be playing with a chip on his shoulder due to criticism in the 2012 NBA playoffs. Westbrook is a player who can take over a game. He is a prolific scorer and his aggresiveness will benefit you in the rebounds and steals categories.
12 F Blake Griffin LAC Major strides were made in Griffin's offensive game showing he is more than just a dunker. Griffin is a double-double machine and on the defensive side, he will continue to come through.
13 F Josh Smith ATL With Joe Johnson out, new guards in the picture and Al Horford returning from the injured list, Smith is officially the top option. He will help you in the points, rebounds and block categories, making him a valuable asset.
14 C Andrew Bynum (INJ) PHI The 76ers are a perfect system for Bynum because of their half court style of play featuring paint area players. The move to Philly also gives him the opportunity to start fresh and improve his offensive game. His knees are still bothering him, which is worth keeping an eye on. However, he should be ready to go when the season starts.
15 G Joe Johnson BKN Finally, Johnson gets to focus on his shooting and not being a number one scoring threat. Starting alongside Williams in the Nets backcourt, he will be able to isolate himself for most of the game making me think that his shot selection will be improved as well as his field goal percentage. He has been one of the best shooters in the league for many years.
16 G Steve Nash LAL Nash is another player who can now hone his skills on being a full-fledge point guard rather than a scoring option. By drafting Nash, you will be drafting an assist machine who has great options around him.
17 F Pau Gasol LAL Gasol will be able to benefit from the Lakers moves because he will be making plays and driving from the elbow of the court. I see him dishing the ball further inside to Dwight Howard when drawing the double team, which will be often.
18 F LaMarcus Aldridge POR Coming off of an injury that kept him out for most of the season, Aldridge returns to a guard heavy Blazer team that will feature him in the paint and on the elbow. Aldridge will return to being a playmaker with the ball in his hands. If he drops in drafts, take advantage.
19 F Paul Pierce BOS It is very easy to find a player who can score 15 points a game, but its not as easy to find a player as reliable as Pierce. He has a great shot selection and will help keep your field goal percentage category afloat and in contention.
20 C DeMarcus Cousins SAC Attitude problems will get you nowhere in the NBA, but in fantasy basketball it does not matter because Cousins proved once again that he was one of the most dominant centers in the league and a major part of the Kings' offense. He is a very tough player.
21 C Greg Monroe DET It is difficult to draw attention to yourself when your team is awful, but Monroe proved that he could still garner respect in the league by being one of the more dominant centers. Even with the Pistons drafting Andre Drummond, that does not devalue Monroe at all, as he will still be a dominant inside presence.
22 F Chris Bosh MIA After putting on over 10 pounds of muscle mass, we were able to see an improved Bosh, who owned the paint and played a more point-forward role for the Champs last season.
23 F Paul Millsap UTA In the fantasy basketball world, Millsap proved that he was the best thing to come out of Utah since Deron Williams left. He scored 16 a game shooting just under 50 percent last season and grabbed nearly nine rebounds per game. KEY STAT: He stole the ball nearly twice per game last season.
24 C Tyson Chandler NYK The reigning NBA Defensive Player of the Year would be good for any fantasy team. Chandler was a double-double machine and did it while playing most of the season with an injured wrist.
25 F Dirk Nowitzki (INJ) DAL Until he shows signs of slowing down, Nowitzki, as the Mavericks number one option, will continue to score points and grab rebounds. Nowitzki is currently suffering from major knee soreness. The word "surgery" is beginning to pop up in reports so beware.


Rank Pos Player Name Team Fantasy Tip
26 C Roy Hibbert IND Hibbert's game improved drastically last season, as not only will he grab a ton of rebounds, but he can also run the floor and keep up with the flow of the Pacers offense making him a fantasy stud on both ends of the floor.
27 F Amare Stoudemire (INJ) NYK There is a lot of talk that Stoudemire re-invented his offensive game this summer getting help from NBA legend Hakeem Olajuwon. Stoudemire was a big disappointment last season, but if he can co-exist with Carmelo Anthony, we will see the Stoudemire of previous years again. He will likely miss the first few games of the season with a knee injury.
28 G Jon Wall (INJ) WAS Wall is one of the quickest players in the league and even though I had not been a fan of his shot selection or decision-making toward the end of last season, he proved that he can help out in many categories for your team. He is currently suffering from a foot injury that will keep him out another 5-6 weeks.
29 F David Lee GSW Lee is an undersized player who continues to dominate the paint area year after year. He is always good for 10 boards a game.
30 G Tony Parker SAS Parker averaged a career high in assists last season with nearly eight a game. He also scored over 18 per game while shooting over 48 percent from the field, which still makes him a very reliable fantasy option.
31 C Marc Gasol MEM Last season, Gasol averaged career highs in points, blocks (nearly two per game) and steals. He also grabbed nine rebounds per game. His shot selection is excellent, as he shot over 48 percent from the field. Next season, barring injury, you will be drafting him before his older brother.
32 F Rudy Gay MEM Gay came back from an injury ridden 2011 and showed that he still has it, immediately taking back his role of being the number one scoring option in Memphis. Gay will help in your rebounds and assists categories as well.
33 F Serge Ibaka OKC Need a player that will secure your block category every week? Ibaka is your guy. He will also help grab rebounds and put up garbage points.
34 G Brandon Jennings MIL One half of possibly the quickest backcourt in the league, Jennings has continued to show just how dominant of a guard he is. He will need to learn to share the shooting, but that will help him because he will learn to concentrate on other parts of his game.
35 G Monta Ellis MIL The other half of possibly the NBA's quickest back court, I was never a fan of Ellis' shot selection, often viewing him as a chucker. If Jennings and Ellis can learn to play off each other and share the ball properly, both would be great fantasy options, especially on the scoring front.
36 G Tyreke Evans SAC If you asked me two years ago, I would have said Evans would be a poor man's LeBron James. After seeing his stats decrease last year, all I can say is that he is the number one scoring option on the Kings and can be an effective fantasy stud in multiple categories.
37 G James Harden OKC Harden was definitely one of the bigger surprises last season showing that, despite coming off of the bench, he is still a very valuable fantasy option who will help bolster your field goal percentage, steals and rebound totals.
38 F/C Andrea Bargnani TOR Bargnani can do it all when healthy. I often refer to him as a poor man's Dirk Nowitzki because of how impressed I am with his shooting - both inside and outside - and aggresiveness. His health has always been a concern, but he can score over 20 a night when out there.
39 G Kyrie Irving CLE Irving showed that he can still thrive under a team with no identity as the Cavaliers continue to re-build. Irving is the number one scoring option and is a big assist threat. Do not let him drop too far in your draft; we have seen a lot of good qualities and he is only a second-year player.
40 G Ray Allen MIA Allen might give James Harden a run for most effective fantasy player who is a sixth man. Once the opposition's defense tires from chasing James and Wade, in will come Allen, who is possibly the best pure shooter in NBA history. He will thrive in the Heat's system.
41 F Ryan Anderson (SLP) NOH Anderson was one of the best overall fantasy options last season for Orlando helping out in just about every standard category. He will become the second scoring option on the Hornets and will continue to put up amazing numbers while shooting lights out, especially from behind the arc.
42 F/C Tim Duncan SAS Until Duncan retires, continue to draft him. He will help mostly with rebounds and blocks; don't let the possibility of him sitting out games deter you.
43 C Marcin Gortat PHX Gortat is one of the most underrated players in the league; he is a fierce defender who will record double-doubles on a nightly basis and will block a few shots.
44 G Stephon Curry GSW I am not one to draft a player solely as a shooter, especially one that is hurt constantly. When at his best, Curry shoots lights out from three-point range and, with Monta Ellis gone, he will have more opportunities to create his own shots. If the value is right, go for him.
45 G Eric Gordon (INJ) NOH Gordon is the number one scoring option in New Orleans, but tries to take over the game himself. Unfortunately, he just isn't that guy capable of pulling it off consistently. From a fantasy perspective, he will help improve your shooting percentage. Gordon has missed time in the preseason with ongoing knee soreness. He is expected to start the season.
46 C DeAndre Jordan LAC Jordan continues to mature as an NBA center and will grab a ton of rebounds and blocks for you. Do not count on him to score as much. He is still a little raw overall and needs to continue to learn, so do not draft him too early.
47 C Al Jefferson (SLP) UTA Jefferson is a double-double monster who will pad your stats on a nightly basis. People forget just how good of a fantasy basketball option he is. Jefferson is always reliable, especially in the rebounds category.
48 F Ersan Ilyasova MIL Ilyasova was one of the biggest surprises in the league last year, as he recorded a few 20-plus rebound games and showed that he can create his own shots. His aggresiveness is excellent. Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings will create a lot of scoring plays for him.
49 F Gerald Wallace BKN If you want a combo-forward who will average a double-double with his mouth-guard hanging out for half of the game, Wallace is your guy. Year after year, he has shown that being undersized is not always a disadvantage in the NBA and he is a strong fantasy option.
50 G Marcus Thornton (SLP) SAC Thornton is an incredible shooter who really picked up the ball when Tyreke Evans did not come through. Thornton can drive the lane and provide a ton of scoring on a nightly basis. He, like Batum, was one of fantasy basketball's biggest surprises last season.


Rank Pos Player Name Team Fantasy Tip
51 F Luis Scola (SLP) PHX Scola is an undersized forward/center with a ton of aggresiveness. By drafting him, you are securing yourself a high percentage shooter, eight to nine rebounds per game and occassionally a block. Phoenix will be able to slot Scola right in and I wonder if he will be on the court at the same time as Marcin Gortat.
52 F Kris Humphries BKN Humphries, like Wallace, is a double-double threat and did it while being one of the most hated athletes in the country. Hopefully, Humphries qualifies at center in fantasy leagues, which would make him more valuable.
53 G Ty Lawson DEN With new weapons on his team, Lawson will be able to worry less about shooting and will continue to work on distribution. Denver is one of the quicker teams in the league, which leads me to believe that his assists will improve and he will also record steals.
54 G Jrue Holiday PHI Holiday has the skills to be a great overall fantasy option, but was very dissappointing last year. When at his best, Holiday is a solid shooter. With Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson in the mix and Lou Williams out of the mix, Holiday can transition into being a point guard focused on ball distribution.
55 F Andre Iguadola DEN Different team, same role for Iguadola. He will be the top scoring option in Denver, but you cannot forget about Wilson Chandler being there as well. If Iguadola's shot selection improves he can score 25 a game and he also has great lane-driving ability. If he changes his game to a more run-and-gun style and attacks the rim, he could be one of the most improved fantasy options for 2012-13.
56 F Danny Granger IND The Pacers offense runs directly through Granger. Granger is best known for his scoring, but can still grab a few rebounds, a steal and dish a few assists per game. Granger needs to add more to his game but is still a solid fantasy option in the early-middle rounds of your draft.
57 F Zach Randolph MEM Randolph's career stats went down last season, and you should be careful because Memphis has a lot of scoring options. If you need depth and a good rebounder, Randolph is always a reliable option on that front.
58 G Kyle Lowry TOR Often in fantasy basketball, it is not always about quality of stats. Lowry's stat line last year proved that he can help in just about every category. He has a lot of weapons to work with in Toronto and, if given the same amount of playing time as last year, he will be very effective.
59 C JaVale McGee DEN McGee is another double-double machine who will get you tons of blocks as well. Denver has a solid core growing and McGee is the lead defender. He would be a good middle of the draft sleeper.
60 G Nicolas Batum POR Batum was one of fantasy basketball's biggest surprises last year as he averaged career highs in points, rebounds, steals and blocks. It is very difficult to find a guard who can block a shot and Batum blocked one per game.
61 G Mike Conley MEM Conley finally showed what he was truly made of last season, stepping up and being able to completely control the Memphis offense. If he continues to improve, he very well could be a top-five fantasy point guard.
62 G Jeremy Lin HOU The world got to see Lin's potential, but it was for a very short period of time. Lin has a noticibly weak left side, and has a lot of questionable options in Houston. If you draft Lin, make sure you have enough depth because he is either going to be great, dishing tons of assists, or he will be turning the ball over a lot.
63 G Manu Ginobili SAS Ginobili is getting older, but is still an effective NBA sixth man and will continue to be a solid fantasy option bolstering your shooting percentage and scoring categories. Remember, he needs the playing time to help. Age is becomming a factor.
64 C Joakim Noah CHI Noah will help secure blocks and rebounds, but is very raw offensively. Look to draft him for mainly defensive purposes.
65 C Al Horford (SLP) ATL Horford played in 11 games before exiting the season with a shoulder injury. When healthy, Horford is able to provide over eight rebounds per game, scoring over 13 in the process and even blocking a shot per game. You never know with injuries, but Horford's track record proves him draftable somewhat early.
66 C Anthony Davis NOH Davis is a lankey rookie center with a ton of potential. He will grab a ton of blocks and rebounds. He is in a brand new system and will be featured. Do not think you are being a hero by drafting him too early; sometimes potential takes time to turn into consistent fantasy production.
67 F Luol Deng CHI When healthy, Deng is a great small forward option to have because he will increase your shooting percentage and point total. Because of a lack of depth at the small forward position, Deng's value increases. With Derrick Rose out of the picture for a bit, Deng becomes the number one scoring option on the Bulls.
68 G Aaron Afflalo (SLP) ORL Being included in the Dwight Howard blockbuster deal could benefit Afflalo the most because he is a prolific scorer who will now have to be a top scoring option on a team looking to re-build. Afflalo is a good sleeper to pick in the middle of your draft because he will not only score, but his aggresiveness will improve stats in other categories.
69 G Jason Terry BOS Terry changes teams, but his role will not change. He will be involved in a lot of isolation plays and will be a solid scorer; he will dish out a few assists as he did in Dallas, too. He will be rotating with Rondo a good amount as well as Avery Bradley. New team, same value.
70 G Kevin Martin HOU If you are in the middle of your draft and went with a defensive strategy early, Martin is a good player to pick up if you need an easy 18-20 points per game. He is the number one scoring option on a new-look Houston team.
71 F Danillo Gallinari DEN Even though he will be coming off of the bench, Gallinari is still one of the top three-point shooters in the league and is a great utility option for your team. He will even grab you rebounds while improving your shooting percentage.
72 F Carlos Boozer CHI Boozer shot well over 50 percent from the field last season and grabbed over eight rebounds per game. He is an effective forward, though hurt a lot, he will pad your stats if he can stay healthy.
73 F David West IND West had an off year as his point and rebounding totals plummeted, but has been known to score a lot in the past and grab over eight rebounds per game in previous seasons. He would be a solid utility/bench option for your team and I see him rebounding.
74 C Samuel Dalembert MIL Dalembert is a very effective blocker and rebounder. He will be in a starting role in Milwaukee and could even help your points total when he scores off of offensive rebounds. He is very trustworthy and a good third center option.
75 C Chris Kaman (SLP) DAL Kaman is going to get a great opportunity to revitalize his career. Kaman will grab you a ton of rebounds and will even score a few points, too. He has a good chance to start, as the Mavericks will be looking to fill a center void.


Rank Pos Player Name Team Fantasy Tip
76 G Rodney Stuckey (SLP) DET Stuckey is a strict scorer, and will score around 15 points per game while shooting well over 40 percent. I like Stuckey's game very much and think of him as a fantasy sleeper due to lack of consistent scoring options in Detroit.
77 G Jarrett Jack GSW With Monta Ellis gone, Jack becomes a starter on the Warriors and he is coming off of a season in which he averaged career highs in points, assists and rebounds. He averaged over six assists last season and I expect him to start alongside Stephon Curry in the back court; with Curry being a strict shooter, expect Jack's assists to further increase.
78 G Wes Matthews POR The Blazers had a lot of guards last season and Matthews was still able to step up and stand out. He is a very solid scorer who will minorly pad your other stats as well throughout the week, such as rebounds and shooting percentage. He was one of the biggest fantasy surprises last season and will be relied on as a second scoring option on the Blazers this year behind LaMarcus Aldridge.
79 G Paul George IND George improved his scoring in his second year in the league. He showed that, as a guard, he is very aggressive and can help on the rebounding front; he averaged nearly six per game. He will continue to develop as there are a lot of positives about him.
80 C Brook Lopez BKN Lopez is coming off an injury-ridden season but showed he was able to score. For some reason his seven-foot-plus stature was unable to grab rebounds, which does concern me. Lopez is a good fantasy option as a third center, but he will need to prove himself in a new offense in Brooklyn this season.
81 F Michael Beasley (SLP) PHX Beasley is going to be a big impact player on Phoenix as he will be one of the top scoring options and is a good combo-forward option. He will grab you six to eight rebounds per game while scoring double digit figures.
82 C Zaza Pachulia ATL Pachulia will get you a ton of rebounds. Do not draft him for scoring. He will also block a few shots and is a great option off of your bench.
83 G Derrick Rose (INJ) CHI Rose is not expected to be back until January (the earliest), but when you feel the value is right and you have enough guards, draft and stash him as he could give you the push you need late to win.
84 G Ricky Rubio (INJ) MIN Rubio is expected to return in December. When he does, your assist total will skyrocket. Rubio lived up to the hype last season before tearing his ACL. Draft and stash.
85 C Anderson Verejao (SLP) CLE Verejao was out most of last season, but when he is in he is just as effective as Nene'. He will grab a ton of rebounds and his aggresiveness makes him a sound fantasy option, especially on a very young Cleveland team. I can see Verejao averaging up to 10 rebounds per game if he stays healthy. He will provide veteran leadership on the Cavs.
86 C Emeka Okafor WAS Okafor, when healthy, is a double-double machine and can be a big fantasy impact player. The problem is that he has not been healthy, but now he is on a new team and will not need to make too big of an offensive impact. If you draft him, have rebounds on your mind because that is what he will give you.
87 F Al Harrington DEN If you need a combo forward who can score over 20 points a game, the veteran Harrington is your guy. He would be a great utility option for your team and will help improve your field goal and three-point field goal percentage.
88 G Jameer Nelson ORL Nelson is a point guard for a team that lacks an identity. He is still a good back-up option because he will dish the ball out over five times per game and score double digit figures without killing your field goal percentage.
89 C Andrew Bogut (INJ) GSW Bogut is coming off of a badly injured ankle, but when in, has proven in the past that he can grab many rebounds and block shots. He has suffered from injuries over the last few seasons so draft with caution. He is currently just getting back on the court and is still on target to start the season active. The Warriors are being cautious with him.
90 F Antawn Jamison LAL I trust in Steve Nash because he has a way of making players around him better and even though Jamison has proven himself for many years, his age does intimidate people. He can be trusted, and he will score 12-15 points per game and grab rebounds.
91 G Raymond Felton NYK Felton gets a second chance in N.Y. He has a lot of options to play with and a good veteran to help him through struggles. I see Felton's assists total improving from last season and he will certainly be playing more minutes, as he will be starting for the Knicks.
92 G Jeff Teague ATL Teague was a major assist leader last season, and I am a little skeptical because there are a ton of guards in Atlanta. As long as he keeps his starting role, I see his stats staying pretty much the same as last season, which makes him a great guard option.
93 G Andre Miller DEN With Ty Lawson running things, you would not think there would be enough time for Miller, but he proved otherwise. He has once again shown why he is a valuable fantasy option. He is a great bench option for your team who can provide five to seven assists.
94 G Goran Dragic (SLP) PHX Dragic has a ton of speed and will be taking over for Steve Nash and stole the ball at least once per game. He can score you 10 points a game and will help out in the assists category as well.
95 C Spencer Hawes PHI Hawes has had injury issues over the last two seasons and, with Andrew Bynum around, his playing time might decrease a little. He is the kind of player who will grab eight rebounds quickly and then do nothing the rest of the game. He is another good bench option capable of stat padding.
96 G Kemba Walker CHA Walker had a decent rookie season on a team lacking organization. He scored nearly 13 a game; grabbed a few rebounds and dished a few assists. I see his growth as an NBA player continuing to develop into a combo-guard role.
97 C Nikola Pekovic MIN Pekovic averaged 26 minutes of playing time a game scoring over 13 a game in the process. He shot well over 50 perent from the field last season. Pekovic will also be able to help grab rebounds, as he grabbed over seven a game.
98 G Austin Rivers NOH The rookie out of Duke is going to have to learn quickly how to play at the pro level, but after seeing the way he shoots and knowing that the Hornets are a completely new team, I think Rivers will make an impact early. He should help in field goal percentage, maybe scoring 10 a game to start.
99 G/F Gordon Hayward UTA Hayward has been refining his game all summer. He has amazing court vision, a good shot and is expected to take on a bigger role on the Jazz this season. He could qualify at both shooting guard and small forward, which increases his value.
100 F/C Nene' (INJ) WAS If healthy, Nene' will be a great asset to the Wizards because he also rebounds and blocks shots. He is also a scorer and a great inside player. Health has been an issue over the last few seasons, draft with caution because he's been dealing with a foot injury.

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Player moving up in fantasy basketball rankings

Player moving down in fantasy basketball rankings

(INJ) Player dealing with injury problems or is an injury risk

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