Fancy fantasy football: Michael Vick, Wes Welker

      September 13, 2012 @ 14:23:31 PDT

Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles have been dealing with a load of criticism for their play against the little-respected Cleveland Browns in Week 1. There's a growing belief that Vick simply isn't the weapon that he used to be.

New England Patriots WR Wes Welker
Heads up!

There may be some truth to that. And this team could be in trouble when it faces the mighty impressive Baltimore Ravens this Sunday. (Especially if Jeremy Maclin can't go.)

But Vick is still plenty dangerous, especially in Philly's WCO. He insists that he identified his mistakes while watching film. Besides, at some point, every team plays down to the level of its competition. The Iggles have just made it a habit.

Haven't you watched enough football not to believe that Baltimore is a virtual lock to walk all over the Eagles? A lot of folks seem to think that's how it'll turn out. That scenario is pretty unlikely. And Vick is pretty likely to put up a solid fantasy day against the Ravens, too.


Wes Welker's unexpectedly disappointing statistical output in Week 1 caused immediate panic in Boston and fantasy circles.

The counter to that response then rose relatively quickly, too: This team isn't just going to phase out Welker. Keith Hernandez already urged fantasy owners to keep their faith in him as a WR1.

It's common practice for the Pats' QB, like his coach, to answer questions about opponents with elusiveness and a mode of respect.

It's also not unusual for Tom Brady to come to the defense of his teammates, taking responsibility for mistakes that they may have made or deflecting criticisms that have painted them in a bad light.

And frequently, to make his point - sometimes emphatically - Brady has taken the fight to the field.

Take what you will from Brady's quotes in his first seized opportunity to address the Welker Worries. Even if Welker isn't your - or the New England Patriots' - leading receiver this season, he's still going to be valuable.

That might not be truer than in Week 2, when New England hosts the Arizona Cardinals. The 31-year-old receiver will be more involved. Brady will make sure of it by forcing the ball to his diminutive wideout when he can afford to do so. Expect at least double the five targets and three receptions Welker recorded in Week 1.

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