Fantasy Football Rankings: DB - Week 2

by KFFL Staff     September 14, 2012 @ 17:22:15 PDT




Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings

RKFan PosTierRnk ChngDefensive BacksTMVsSPWPGTklAssSkFumRIntTD FumTD IntAll S/T TDSftyFumF
111 T.J. WardCLE@CINSP 17110000001
211 Antoine BetheaINDMIN  19000000000
312 Ladarius WebbBAL@PHISP 17001000000
412 Cortland FinneganSTLWAS  19100101000
513 Quintin MikellSTLWAS  16200000000
613 LaRon LandryNYJ@PIT  16100000001
714 Atari BigbySDTEN  17100000000
814 Eric WeddleSDTEN  17000000000
914 Roman HarperNO@CAR  17200000000
101 or 25 Carlos RogersSFDETSP 14010000000
111 or 25 Tarell BrownSFDETSP 16000000000
121 or 25 Janoris JenkinsSTLWAS  14200100000
131 or 25 Quentin JammerSDTEN  16100000000
1426 Cary WilliamsBAL@PHISP 16000000000
1526 Reshad JonesMIAOAKSP 15200000000
1626 William GayARI@NE  17000000001
1727 Bernard PollardBAL@PHISP 14200000000
1827 Tyvon BranchOAK@MIASP 15000000000
1927 Michael HuffOAK@MIASP 14200000000
202 or 38 Reggie NelsonCINCLE WP17100000000
212 or 38 Dawan LandryJAXHOU WP16200000000
222 or 38 William MooreATLDEN WP17000100000
232 or 38 Antrel RolleNYGTB WP19000000000
2439 George WilsonBUFKCSP 13200000000
2539 Jairus ByrdBUFKCSP 13200000000
2639 Chris CookMIN@INDSP 14110000000
2739DN-6Craig DahlSTLWAS  17000000000
28310 Johnathan JosephHOU@JAX  14100100000
29310 Kareem JacksonHOU@JAX  14100100000
30310 Charles GodfreyCARNO  16000000000
31310DN-28Ryan ClarkPITNYJ WP00000000000
32310 Ronde BarberTB@NYG WP13210100000
333 or bench11 Richard MarshallMIAOAKSP 15000000000
343 or bench11 Antoine WinfieldMIN@INDSP 14000000000
353 or bench11 Kurt ColemanPHIBAL  14000200000
363 or bench11 Patrick ChungNEARI WP12200000000
373 or bench12 Dashon GoldsonSFDETSP 13100000000
383 or bench12 Donte WhitnerSFDETSP 13100000000
393 or bench12 Ed ReedBAL@PHISP 12000101000
403 or bench12 Harrison SmithMIN@INDSP 13400000000
413 or bench12 Yeremiah BellNYJ@PIT  13101000000
423 or bench12 Kam ChancellorSEADAL  15000000000
43QUE13 Adrian WilsonARI@NE  12000100000
443 or bench13 Jerraud PowersINDMIN  16000000000
453 or bench13 Earl ThomasSEADAL  13000000000
463 or bench13 Devin McCourtyNEARI WP15200000000
473 or bench13 Tracy PorterDEN@ATL WP18000101000
483 or bench13 Thomas DeCoudATLDEN WP16100000000
493 or bench13 Alterraun VernerTEN@SD WP16300000000
50Bench14 Chris CulliverSFDET WP14000000000
51Bench14 Abram ElamKC@BUF WP14100000000
52Bench14 Josh RobinsonMIN@IND WP14000000000
53Bench14 Kerry RhodesARI@NE WP13000000000
54Bench14 Vontae DavisINDMIN WP15000000000
55Bench14 Glover QuinHOU@JAX WP15100000001
56Bench14 Brandon BrownerSEADAL WP12200000000
57Bench15 Chris ClemonsMIAOAK WP13100000000
58Bench15 Bryan ScottBUFKC WP12000100001
59Bench15 Buster SkrineCLE@CIN WP17000000000
60Bench15 Nate AllenPHIBAL WP14100000000
61Bench15 Dominique Rodgers-CromartPHIBAL WP11000200000
62Bench15UP-161Kyle WilsonNYJ@PIT WP10000100000
63Bench15 Antonio CromartieNYJ@PIT WP12200101000
64Bench15 Tom ZbikowskiINDMIN WP14000000000
65Bench15 Danieal ManningHOU@JAX WP14101000000
66Bench15 Richard ShermanSEADAL WP14000100000
67Bench15 Erik ColemanDET@SF WP14200000000
68Bench16 Leodis McKelvinBUFKC WP13000000000
69Bench16 Stephon GilmoreBUFKC WP12200000000
70Bench16 Travis DanielsKC@BUF WP13000000000
71Bench16 Dimitri PattersonCLE@CIN WP13000000000
72Bench16 Mistral RaymondMIN@IND WP13000000000
73Bench16 Patrick RobinsonNO@CAR WP13010000000
74Bench16 Morris ClaiborneDAL@SEA WP14000000000
75Bench16 Malcolm JenkinsNO@CAR WP13200000000
76Bench16 Aaron RossJAXHOU WP14200000000
77Bench16 Dwight LoweryJAXHOU WP14200000000
78Bench16 Tavon WilsonNEARI WP13100100000
79Bench16 Leon HallCINCLE WP14000000000
80Bench17 Ellis LanksterNYJ@PIT WP13000000000
81Bench17 Brice McCainHOU@JAX WP13100000000
82Bench17 Josh NormanCARNO WP13100000000
83Bench17 Haruki NakamuraCARNO WP12200000000
84Bench17 Antoine CasonSDTEN WP13000000000
85Bench17 Mike AdamsDEN@ATL WP14000000000
86Bench17 Ryan MoutonTEN@SD WP13300000000
87Bench17 Robert JohnsonTEN@SD WP13200000000
88Bench17 Madieu WilliamsWAS@STL WP14000000000
89Bench17 DeAngelo HallWAS@STL WP12110000000
90Bench18 Perrish CoxSFDET WP12000000000
91Bench18 Aaron WilliamsBUFKC WP12000000001
92Bench18 Sean SmithMIAOAK WP12000000000
93Bench18 Dejon GomesWAS@STL WP12300100000
94Bench18 Josh WilsonWAS@STL WP13200000000
95Bench18 Michael CoeNYGTB WP13200000000
96Bench18 Eric WrightTB@NYG WP14000000000
97Bench19 Corey WhiteNO@CAR WP13100000000
98Bench19 Ras-I DowlingNEARI WP13100000000
99Bench19 Taylor MaysCINCLE WP13100000000
100Bench19 Nate ClementsCINCLE WP13000000000
101Bench19 Rahim MooreDEN@ATL WP13100000000
102Bench19 Asante SamuelATLDEN WP13000000000
103Bench19 Michael GriffinTEN@SD WP12200000000
104Bench19 Cedric GriffinWAS@STL WP13000000001
105Bench19 Kenny PhillipsNYGTB WP13100000000
106Bench19 Mark BarronTB@NYG WP13000000000
107Bench20UP-NRBrandon FlowersKC@BUF WP00         
108Bench20 Eric BerryKC@BUF WP12000000000
109Bench20 Stanford RouttKC@BUF WP12000000001
110Bench20 Sheldon BrownCLE@CIN WP12100000000
111Bench20 Bradley FletcherSTLWAS WP12100000000
112Bench20 Michael AdamsARI@NE WP12100000000
113QUE20 Patrick PetersonARI@NE WP12000000000
114Bench20 Corey WebsterNYGTB WP12000000000
115Bench20 Aqib TalibTB@NYG WP12100000000
116Bench21 Marcus GilchristSDTEN WP12100000000
117Bench21 John WendlingDET@SF WP11300000000
118Bench21 Jacob LaceyDET@SF WP12000000000
119Bench21 Gerald SensabaughDAL@SEA WP12000000000
120Bench21 Mike JenkinsDAL@SEA WP00         
121Bench21 Cortez AllenPITNYJ WP12000000000
122Bench21 Ike TaylorPITNYJ WP12000000000
123Bench21 Ryan MundyPITNYJ WP12000000000
124Bench21 Jeromy MilesCINCLE WP12100000000
125Bench21 Terence NewmanCINCLE WP12100000000
126Bench21 Kevin RutlandJAXHOU WP12000000000
127Bench21 Kyle ArringtonNEARI WP12000000000
128Bench21 William MiddletonJAXHOU WP11200000000
129Bench22 Corey GrahamBAL@PHI WP11100000000
130Bench22 James IhedigboBAL@PHI WP11100000000
131Bench22 Patrick LeeOAK@MIA WP11100000000
132Bench22 Shawntae SpencerOAK@MIA WP11000000000
133Bench22 Da'Norris SearcyBUFKC WP11100000000
134Bench22 Jimmy WilsonMIAOAK WP11000000000
135Bench22 Terrence McGeeBUFKC WP11000000000
136Bench22 Eric HaggCLE@CIN WP11100000000
137Bench22UP-NREric SmithNYJ@PIT WP00         
138Bench22 Dunta RobinsonATLDEN WP12100000000
139Bench22 Jason McCourtyTEN@SD WP12000000000
140Bench22 Jordan BabineauxTEN@SD WP12000000000
141Bench22 Justin TryonNYGTB WP12100000000
142Bench23DN-120Jacques ReevesKC@BUF WP14000000000
143Bench23 Brandon BoykinPHIBAL WP11100000000
144Bench23 Jamell FlemingARI@NE WP11000000000
145Bench23 Nnamdi AsomughaPHIBAL WP11000000000
146Bench23 Justin KingINDMIN WP11100000000
147Bench23 Quintin DempsHOU@JAX WP11100000000
148Bench23 Joe LefegedINDMIN WP11000000000
149Bench23 Marcus TrufantSEADAL WP11100000000
150Bench23 Amari SpieveyDET@SF WP11000000000
151Bench24 Orlando ScandrickDAL@SEA WP12000000000
152Bench24 Barry ChurchDAL@SEA WP10101000000
153Bench24 Brandon CarrDAL@SEA WP11000000000
154Bench24 Mana SilvaDAL@SEA WP11000000000
155Bench24 Steve GregoryNEARI WP11100000000
156Bench24 Rashean MathisJAXHOU WP11000000000
157Bench24 Champ BaileyChamp Bailey newsDEN@ATL WP11000000000
158Bench24 Jim LeonhardDEN@ATL WP11000000000
159Bench24 Reed DoughtyWAS@STL WP10000100000
160Bench24 Ahmad BlackTB@NYG WP10000100000
161Bench24 Brandon McDonaldTB@NYG WP11000000000
--INJ--DN-113Chris HarrisDEN@ATL  1310.50000000
--DBT-- Louis DelmasDET@SF  00         
--OUT--DN-43Troy PolamaluPITNYJ  15000000000
--OUT--DN-33Darrelle RevisNYJ@PIT  14100100000
--OUT-- Dre KirkpatrickCINCLE  00         
--OUT--DN-101Ronald BartellOAK@MIA  12100000000
--OUT--DN-134Johnny PatrickNO@CAR  12000000000
--OUT--DN-168Bill BentleyDET@SF  11000000000
--SUSP-- Joe HadenCLE@CIN  15100100000


  • P - Probable - player has a 75 percent chance of playing
  • Q - Questionable - player has a 50 percent chance of playing
  • D - Doubtful - player has a 25 percent chance of playing
  • O - Out - player is not going to play
  • IR - Injured Reserve - player is out for the remainder of the season

KFFL Fantasy Football Rankings Key

Note - Displayed statistics are from past four weeks unless less than four weeks of data is available.

RK - Overall rank, not absolute rank; each option is part of a tier of one or more players

Fan Pos - Fantasy position and/or status of player this week for 12-team leagues with 16-player rosters

No. 1 option at position this week
Injured; playing status for this week is indicated by GTD (game-time decision), QUE (questionable), DBT (doubtful) or OUT
No. 2 option at position this week
Injured; playing status for this week is to be determined
No. 3 option at position this week
Injured; on Physically Unable to Perform list and not eligible to play until team activates him
Option for flex spot at position this week
Injured; on Non-Football Injury list and not eligible to play until team activates him
Not a recommended option at position this week
Injured; on Reserve/Injured list and not eligible to play this season
On a bye and not playing this week

Tier - Grouping of similarly ranked options this week; one player may be considered over others in same tier based on preference

Rnk Chng - Indicates if player has moved up or down since previous release of rankings

Was not ranked in previous release
Has moved up since previous release; number indicates previous rank
Has moved up since previous release; number indicates previous rank

SP/WP - Indicates if player has a matchup that makes him a strong play or a weak play this week

Has a favorable matchup and could exceed usual production; not an endorsement to play any player in one tier over one in a higher tier
Has an unfavorable matchup and could fail to meet level of usual production; not an endorsement to bench any player in one tier in favor of one in a lower tier

FA - Indicates if player is a target on waiver wire or in free-agent pool

May be available in your league and should be acquired, especially if you need help at position
May be available in your league and should be monitored, especially if you need help at position. He may be worthy of acquiring soon
May be available in your league and could be acquired, especially if you need help at position
May be available in your league and should be acquired if you need a one-week play; has a favorable matchup but may not necessarily have long-term value


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