Fancy fantasy football: Terrell Owens, Willis McGahee, Jacquizz Rodgers

      August 8, 2012 @ 18:30:22 PDT

When I first heard that the Seattle Seahawks were even giving Terrell Owens a chance to convince them to sign him, I wondered, How desperate are the Gulls?

We know that TO is desperate. No team would sign him for the 2011 campaign after he tore his ACL near the end of 2010. He played for a bit in the Indoor Football League at the beginning of this year. He reportedly lost the equivalent of a tiny nation's GDP during the span of his career.

Denver Broncos RB Willis McGahee
McGahee is ripped

This wire report noted that "of the 187 NFL players with at least 20 catches last season, Donald Driver was the only one older than 35." Driver is known for his excellent conditioning. Owens is 38.

Seahawks GM John Schneider gushed that TO is in unbelievable shape and in his workout ran the 40 in less than 4.5 seconds. That's just incredible. Owens' new attitude, molded in part by said experiences, is encouraging.

TO knows one legit way to make a fat paycheck, though. He may not let his mouth interfere, but how far did he go to achieve this level of fitness? He's utilized outside-the-norm methods before, but they weren't against the rules.

Which doesn't mean that he went that way this time. (Or that he'll get caught.) I'd venture to say that even Driver couldn't match Owens' commitment to physical fitness. Few players, if any, can.

The media have speculated that this signing is insurance for the health of Sidney Rice (surgically repaired shoulders). Seattle's staff still isn't entirely sold on Golden Tate. No one else in this receiving corps comes close to scaring a D.

Can't believe I'm typing this, but I'd take a shot on Owens in the final few rounds of a 12-team, 16-man league. There are worse WR5s in the pool.


I figured that Willis McGahee might be underrated coming into this season. His fourth-round ADP doesn't really support that notion, but he could be a quality RB2. ESPN's John Clayton noted that the Denver Broncos' starting back hit the weight pile hard this past offseason and, among other things, added 10 pounds, pretty much all of it muscle.

Promising, eh? Actually, I'd have preferred to hear that he worked hard to increase his speed and perhaps even dropped a few pounds. At his age (31), he's not going to get any more explosive. Hopefully, the additional bulk doesn't slow him even more. Just a thought, something to watch this preseason.


Training camp reviews of and reports about Jacquizz Rodgers have long turned my affinity for part-time steamroller Jason Snelling into meaningless drivel. That second-year kid from Oregon State is dynamite. I'd like to land Rodgers in the second half of a draft in a PPR league, for sure.

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