Fantasy Baseball Tumbling Dice: The Pause That Is Supposed to Refresh

by Lawr Michaels, on July 3, 2012 @ 10:10:19 PDT


Baltimore Orioles SP Dylan Bundy
Out of it? Time to look forward.

The halfway point is upon us, and that means if your team is in contention, this is the time to take stock of the moves you need either to climb to the top of the pack, or pull away and think about next year. But, it is also time to "pause and refresh," as the saying goes.

So, here are 10 things to consider as we move past the break and through the Dog Days.

  1. It is fish or cut bait time if you are in a keeper league. That means if you have an overpriced Albert Pujols or Matt Kemp, and you are down by 25 points, it is probably time to trade for Yasmani Grandal or Salvador Perez, and Dylan Bundy.
  2. It also means that if you are in a keeper league and within realistic striking distance - which could even mean 25 points, depending upon available points and the standings - you trade Bundy and Perez for Kemp. That is assuming you have a #2 catcher of equal value to the two new uber-backstops in the majors.
  3. If you are in a throwback league and are behind that same unrealistic 25 points, well, hang in there. Football season is upon us, and you can consider this time to check out sleeper picks next year.
  4. However, if you are in a throwback league and again can gain those 25 points, do what you need to finish setting yourself up for that second-half run. Now this one is a little tougher, and does take that honest assessment again. But, for example, I am down 20 points in the AL Tout Wars. But, I also have CC Sabathia, Jeff Niemann, Derek Holland, and Brandon McCarthy on the DL, along with a good 15 points I can regain in pitching points once they return. That means there is plenty of upward mobility room in Tout to distract me from whether to take Arian Foster or Ray Rice in the first round of my football leagues.
  5. As an addendum to #4, you should have made the bulk of moves to put yourself in that competitive position already. For example, I do have the pitchers to do the catch-up work already: The question is whether they will be activated and deliver the stats. That means now is the time to trade your surplus for what you need to make a run.
  6. However, the corollary is that if you are down by those 25 points, and are down 25 homers and 50 RBI, holding out for a FAAB pickup will likely not turn the trick. Time to think about running backs.
  7. If you are inexorably drawn to the All-Star Game and related festivities, that is fine. But, if not, it is OK to take a break over the break. Aside from potential injuries a la Ray Fosse and Pete Rose, it does not matter anyway, and clearing your head for the stretch is a good thing.
  8. Spend some time with your family. In particular, allowing them to dominate the clicker and pick whatever they want to watch on the TV.
  9. In particular, spend some time with your partner. Take him or her out for a walk and to dinner and whatever else suits their fancy. Oh yes, and thank them for indulging your obsession.
  10. Take a deep breath, as the second half is a grind. Whether you are rebuilding, or digging in for a second-half run, playing the game takes both focus and dedication. You will need your energy and focus through those Dog Days and beyond.

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