Fantasy Baseball Analysis Draft: Round 8

by KFFL Staff on February 14, 2012 @ 16:15:20 PDT


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1) Yadier Molina, C, St. Louis Cardinals

Team: Jeff Paur, RTSports | Roster

This is probably a little early on Molina but I needed to get a top catcher before they were all gone. There were nine catchers off the board before I made this pick. I'm excited to have Molina as my No. 1, though. He had his first .300 season last year and is apparently in great shape, reporting to camp early. He is in a contract year and should do all he can to have a big season, maybe his best offensive season as a pro.

2) Mike Morse, 1B/OF, Washington Nationals

Team: Tim Heaney, KFFL | Roster

Atlanta Braves OF Jason Heyward
Carry on, Heyward son

A desire for more CI coverage broke the tie between a few players here, including Jason Heyward. Morse won't collapse at the plate, thanks to his hard contact and stable eye. The power took a while to develop, but it's real. The risk of a falloff is mitigated at this point.

3) Jayson Werth, OF, Washington Nationals

Team: Doug Anderson, RotoExperts | Roster

Werth was pretty bad last year but still almost went 20-20. I hate buying Juan Pierre types, so I try and build teams that get a little bit of speed from a lot of places. Werth fits that bill perfectly.

4) Madison Bumgarner, SP, San Francisco Giants

Team: Josh Shepardson, The Hardball Times | Roster

Post All-Star Break line: 100 innings, 1.71 BB/9, 8.91 K/9, 2.52 ERA, 1.08 WHIP. That, my friends, is elite production. He does all three "controllable" things well: walking few, striking out many and inducing ground balls at a healthy clip. Toss in a great ballpark and you've got yourself a burgeoning ace.

5) Michael Cuddyer, 1B/OF, Colorado Rockies

Team: Bill Macey, Baseball HQ | Roster

Cuddyer is a former 30-HR hitter who is moving from a home park that suppresses HR to a park that's highly favorable for right-handed batters. The dual eligibility is a nice bonus as I gain some flexibility both in the draft and during the season; I'll slot him in at 1B for now.

6) Jon Lester, SP, Boston Red Sox

Team: Nicholas Minnix, KFFL | Roster

A lot of BoSox players wish that they could erase September from the record books and their memories. Count Lester among them. A year ago, he was a fantasy ace to many. This season, he's my SP2, at a good price, and there are no performance red flags. A couple of mild warning signs, but no red flags. I like my chances with the 28-year-old.

7) Jason Heyward, OF, Atlanta Braves

Team: Mark Chamberlin, Baseball Sharks | Roster

This pick is all about risk/reward. I sank with the Heyward ship last year, costing me first place in three leagues, and am prepared to do the same this year. After a fire lit under him by Chipper Jones and all of Atlanta for that matter, I fully expect Heyward to bounce back with a vengeance this year.

8) Ian Kennedy, SP, Arizona Diamondbacks

Team: Howard Bender, FanGraphs | Roster

San Francisco Giants SP Madison Bumgarner
Bumgarnering much love

Anticipating a starter run, it's time to build up the rotation. Coming into his third full year, Kennedy might see some ERA regression as a fly-ball pitcher at Chase Field, but ratios even a few ticks higher are still solid. K rate should stay about the same and in the NL West, he could be good for about 16 wins.

9) Geovany Soto, C, Chicago Cubs

Team: Pasko Varnica, Mastersball | Roster

Soto is not bothered anymore by an injured groin that affected his performance last year. I expect him to return to the top half a dozen of catchers, considering that this perennially shallow position has lost Victor Martinez this year. If available, I was going to go with Miguel Montero.

10) J.J. Hardy, SS, Baltimore Orioles

Team: Joe Hamrahi, Baseball Prospectus | Roster

Probably my riskiest pick so far, but SS options were limited. Do I think Hardy will hit 30 home runs again this year? No, I don't. There almost certainly will be some regression from 2011. But if J.J. hits just 20 homers, drives in 75 runs and scores 75-80 times, he'll turn out to be a solid pick at a tough position.

11) Mark Reynolds, 3B/1B, Baltimore Orioles

Team: Ray Flowers, Baseball Guys/SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio | Roster

People might laugh at this selection, but we all know that third base starts to thin out pretty quickly, and Reynolds covers me at first base as well. His average is woeful, but he is one of only five men to have 30 homers, 85 RBI and 75 runs scored each of the past three years.

12) Yovani Gallardo, SP, Milwaukee Brewers

Team: Steve Gardner, USA TODAY/Sports Weekly | Roster

A definite case of taking the best player available, even though I already had two pitchers on my roster. Gallardo has ace potential and has three straight seasons of 200 or more strikeouts. He was by far the top-rated player on my board. For some reason, I seem to be drawn to Brewers in this draft; he's my third one after Ryan Braun and Rickie Weeks. (I wonder if another will be on tap in the next few rounds…)

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