Fantasy Baseball Analysis Draft: Round 6

by KFFL Staff on February 14, 2012 @ 12:12:21 PDT


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1) Nelson Cruz, OF, Texas Rangers

Team: Jeff Paur, RTSports | Roster

Cruz gives me Rangers with back-to-back picks. I was looking for some power and Cruz supplied the most of the available players. He is capable of nearing 40 homers. I was close to taking a catcher here but felt Cruz was the better value. There weren't many top home run hitters left on the board.

2) Cole Hamels, SP, Philadelphia Phillies

Team: Tim Heaney, KFFL | Roster

My tier of value aces is large, but I figured many options would be gone after my long wait. Hamels was the best of the lot, so I committed. This high-K, low-WHIP stud will probably regress a little, but not enough to discourage me from tabbing him.

3) Buster Posey, C, San Francisco Giants

Team: Doug Anderson, RotoExperts | Roster

Never thought I'd draft Posey as I'm not as high on him as many. Though he's not the power hitter some believe, he will offer a nice offensive package at a position that may be deeper than some think, but is still uninspiring.

4) Jimmy Rollins, SS, Philadelphia Phillies

Team: Josh Shepardson, The Hardball Times | Roster

Considered both Rollins and Asdrubal Cabrera in the fourth round. I was delighted to see one still available in the sixth. After glancing at the three drafters' rosters behind me (all owned starting shortstops), I decided I could nab Wieters before Rollins. Love the speed I have on this roster and it doesn't come with the usual lack of power.

5) Corey Hart, OF, Milwaukee Brewers

Team: Bill Macey, Baseball HQ | Roster

Having taken Elvis Andrus in Round 4, I was feeling a little short on power, so I opted for the batter who I felt would get me the most HR without severely hurting my batting average. Only an early season injury prevented Hart from reaching 30 HR again last year; I think he gets back above that line in 2012.

Philadelphia Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins
It gets ugly after Rollins

6) David Price, SP, Tampa Bay Rays

Team: Nicholas Minnix, KFFL | Roster

A theme recurs: To be able to avoid pitchers until Round 6 and still build around an ace like Price? Really, the reliability of many batters who go in the first handful of rounds or more should convince most owners that they have no need to draft pitchers even this early. There are too many good SPs, as long as you're shrewd enough to spot the possible duds.

7) Joe Mauer, C, Minnesota Twins

Team: Mark Chamberlin, Baseball Sharks | Roster

A strong offseason will mend the wounds he left on his owners last season. His 29 home run season was predictably an anomaly, but he is still the 100/12/100/.325 hitter we were all accustomed to. He's just discounted this year. Cash in.

8) Jesus Montero, C, Seattle Mariners

Team: Howard Bender, FanGraphs | Roster

Love that Montero qualifies at catcher here. With the top five off the board, it was time to grab one and, for me, Montero's upside was more enticing than the other options. Great plate discipline, good raw power and away from New York should be able to relax at the plate. Expecting .290-18-75 minimum.

9) Jered Weaver, SP, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Team: Pasko Varnica, Mastersball | Roster

Jered Weaver in the sixth round? After waiting to pick a starting pitcher, I assure you that I did not expect to get someone as highly ranked as Weaver. I am thrilled. Once I realized that Weaver was available, I did not consider anyone else. Twenty wins are a strong possibility.

10) Alex Avila, C, Detroit Tigers

Team: Joe Hamrahi, Baseball Prospectus | Roster

This will be the third year I have Alex Avila on my squad. The first year he hit .228/.316/.340. Yeah, nice pick. Last year, he went 1-for-10 to start the season, and I we go again. But then, on April 6, Avila went 3-for-4 with five RBI and hit the first of three home runs over the next five days. The rest, as they say, is history. I expect big things from Alex this year and believe his upward trend will continue.

11) Howard Kendrick, 2B/OF, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Team: Ray Flowers, Baseball Guys/SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio | Roster

A perennial option to hit .300, he's also likely to go 10-10, possibly even 15-15. I was tempted to take Weeks, but look at Weeks' games played mark an average of just 107 games a season the past five years. Give me Kendrick, who also has OF eligibility.

12) Rickie Weeks, 2B, Milwaukee Brewers

Team: Steve Gardner, USA TODAY/Sports Weekly | Roster

Second base was an obvious need at this stage of the draft and with the acceptable options dwindling, Ray made my choice for me by taking Howard Kendrick one spot earlier. I have Weeks ranked higher and may have taken him anyway had both been available, but it would have been a more difficult decision. The ankle injury that ended Weeks' 2011 season early is still a concern, as are the Brewers' losses on offense, but I don't see another 2B being taken for another three or four rounds after this. Can't wait any longer.

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