Fantasy Baseball Analysis Draft: Round 2

by KFFL Staff on March 14, 2012 @ 15:34:59 PDT


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1) Dustin Pedroia, 2B, Boston Red Sox

Team: Jeff Paur, RTSports | Roster

My thought process with having the last pick was to make sure I got at least one position that was scarce since I wasn't sure what would be left by the time I pick again. I focused on second base because of the value still left at the top of the position. I was torn between Pedroia and Ian Kinsler, settling on Pedroia. I just think he is the safer bet of the two.

2) Jose Reyes, SS, Miami Marlins

Team: Tim Heaney, KFFL | Roster

Yup ... before Hanley. At least I know the evils I'm drafting with Reyes and he's playing his natural position. Ramirez's shoulder and attitude concern me. Reyes' SB track record, even with his built-in DL stint, won out. My remaining foci: power ... and health insurance.

3) Hanley Ramirez, SS, Miami Marlins

Team: Doug Anderson, RotoExperts | Roster

This pick was tough for just the second round. Wanted Pedroia or Reyes, but they went right in front of me. Then I fought the internal battle between Hanley and Ian Kinsler. Not happy with the risk involved, but I felt like his upside with SS eligibility was too much to pass up.

Miami Marlins SS Hanley Ramirez
How will Han-Ram fare at 3B?

4) Ian Kinsler, 2B, Texas Rangers

Team: Josh Shepardson, The Hardball Times | Roster

My short wish list for Round 2 included Pedroia, Han-Ram and Kinsler. Got one. Kinsler's power/speed ceiling is unmatched by his peers at the keystone position. Average could lag with fly-ball centric approach, but total package is too good to pass up. The Rangers lineup will provide ample counting stat opportunities.

5) Justin Upton, OF, Arizona Diamondbacks

Team: Bill Macey, Baseball HQ | Roster

There are only a handful of players who possess both excellent power and speed skills, so I was thrilled to get one with my second-round pick. He demonstrated 30/30 potential in the first half of the 2011 season, and at just 24 years old, there's reason to think he could get even better in 2012.

6) David Wright, 3B, New York Mets

Team: Nicholas Minnix, KFFL | Roster

It came down to Wright or Ryan Zimmerman for me. I opted for Wright because he'll begin my foundation in stolen bases. I usually go infield-heavy early, and shortstop and second base don't offer the quality that the hot corner did in this round. Things look up for Wright at renovated Citi Field.

7) Andrew McCutchen, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates

Team: Mark Chamberlin, Baseball Sharks | Roster

I wrote five players down after Pedroia was taken at 2.1, so only one had to slip to 2.7. It almost didn't happen, but thankfully Nick left me with McCutchen. He is going to be a first-round pick next year after his 30-30 season.

8) Mark Teixeira, 1B, New York Yankees

Team: Howard Bender, FanGraphs | Roster

Love having a big masher at 1B and this position surprisingly thins out past the top six. Hard to argue with eight straight seasons of 30-plus HR, that home ball park and that surrounding lineup. The power continues and I think he beats the BA concerns and finishes around .270 this season.

9) Adrian Beltre, 3B, Texas Rangers

Team: Pasko Varnica, Mastersball | Roster

This year, 3B is particularly shallow so I decided not to wait. Since Evan Longoria was gone, I picked the next rated third baseman, a guy from the high-scoring Rangers. What's not to like? Beltre is going to have close to 30 HR and help my team's BA.

10) Curtis Granderson, OF, New York Yankees

Team: Joe Hamrahi, Baseball Prospectus | Roster

The Grandyman showed what he could do using a short porch for a full (and healthy) season, and I expect more of the same in 2012. While the home runs might drop off a bit, a 30-30 season with plenty of runs and RBI is almost a certainty. If we're lucky, Granderson may even surprise us with a BA north of .280.

11) Matt Holliday, OF, St. Louis Cardinals

Team: Ray Flowers, Baseball Guys/SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio | Roster

Overlooked this year by some, I have little doubt he'll return to something like a .300-25-100 line in St. Louis even with Albert Pujols out of the mix. Was really hoping that Andrew McCutchen would fall to me at this spot, but missed out on him by a few picks.

12) Ryan Zimmerman, 3B, Washington Nationals

Team: Steve Gardner, USA TODAY/Sports Weekly | Roster

Third base is a dangerous position this year. By my count, there are five guys in the top tier and after they're gone, the talent level drops off considerably. When my pick came up at the end of Round 2, four of my top five were gone, leaving only Zimmerman. His overall numbers suffered last year because of an oblique injury, but he was excellent in the second half once he was fully healthy. Can't wait to see what he'll do over a full season.

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