Fantasy Baseball Tumbling Dice: (I love a league that has a) slow draft

by Lawr Michaels, on January 24, 2012 @ 17:29:46 PDT


This time of year is to Mock Drafts what the final three weeks of the calendar year are to office parties. That is there are so many, it is really hard to choose.

But, starting late last week, I joined the only one that really suits the leisurely pace I crave as I get older. That would be the Industry Experts Slow Draft #1.

As from the best part of the affair being the possibilities for #2, #3, and so on, I like slow for some reason simply because it affords a bit of time to think about my next picks.

Now, that is sort of relative, for depending upon your spot in a snake draft, even with a time limit, there are generally 10 minutes or so between picks, and that is usually plenty of time to identify a basic path, a secondary path, and tertiary (I am big on contingencies) route depending upon who I have, what I need, who was taken, and who is left.

San Francisco Giants SP Matt Cain
Undervalued Cain solidifies staff

But, in the slow online draft Mock Draft Central is hosting, we can take up to a day (well, eight hours) to make a pick without anyone getting cranky. Meaning I might make a couple of picks a day, but little more.

So, I can really look and set up a little differently, using that same 10-20 minutes, once I know it is my turn (MDC actually sends the league an e-mail with the previous picks in the round, who is on-deck, and who is in the hole) I can really ponder for a bit.

As it turns out, I got to pick third in this draft, which is now just completing its seventh round, bagging Miguel Cabrera after Jeff Erickson took Matt Kemp to start, and then Zach Steinhorn selected Albert Pujols.

Right after my Cabrera pick, Cory Schwartz selected Troy Tulowitzki, a guy I took as a first rounder three years ago, even. In fact were I in the #4 slot, I might have taken Tulo, but well, Cabrera is as close to a sure thing as there is, and that includes the esteemed Mr. Pujols.

Essentially the first rounds have gone as expected, although it seems as if pitching is lasting a lot longer this year. For, as with the FSTA Experts Draft last week, when Clayton Kershaw was the first pitcher taken at pick #23, Kershaw was similarly the first selection taken, at #26, by Joe Sheehan.

Since I am now picking near the #1 wheel, as a result I have been loading with a little more pitching than I normally would, due to the availability of Felix Hernandez (third round), Tim Lincecum (fourth round), and Matt Cain (sixth round).

I do have one more starting hurler in my sights prior to Round 10, but the next objective is to get a at least one catcher, and one, if not two closers, before I essentially close out with pitchers and outfielders. Of course I love finishing with these spots for they are always the deepest, and there are always sleepers and numbers left in the heap. The trick is finding them.

As it now stands, I do have Ben Zobrist (fifth round), Erick Aybar (seventh round), and Ryan Zimmerman (second round), so with Cabrera, my basic infield is set, as is the core of my pitching staff, which is actually pretty good.

Of course there will be more to come from this nice thoughtful draft next week. Who knows, we may even be finished.

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