Fantasy Football Rankings: LB - Week 9

by KFFL Staff     November 4, 2011 @ 18:07:01 PDT




Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings

RKFan PosTierRnk ChngLinebackersTMVsSPWPGTklAssSkFumRIntTD FumTD IntAll S/T TDSftyFumF
111 Derrick JohnsonKCMIA  325910100000
212 London FletcherLondon Fletcher newsWASSF  323180.50100000
312 DeMarcus WareDALSEA  317270000002
413 Desmond BishopGB@SDSP 322710000000
513 Michael BoleyMichael Boley newsNYG@NESP 319301000000
613 James LaurinaitisSTL@ARISP 319710000000
714 Patrick WillisSF@WAS  321511000000
814 Navorro BowmanSF@WAS  324600000000
91 or 25 Ray LewisBAL@PIT  317810000000
101 or 25 Brandon SpikesNENYG  321500000000
111 or 25 D.J. WilliamsDEN@OAK  312621000001
121 or 25 Barrett RuudTENCIN  318600100000
131 or 25 D'Qwell JacksonCLE@HOU  323101000000
1426 Lance BriggsCHI@PHISP 313600100000
1526 Brian CushingBrian Cushing newsHOUCLESP 418810100000
1626 Daryl WashingtonARISTLSP 317110000000
1726 Mathias KiwanukaNYG@NESP 31243.50000001
1826 Nick BarnettBUFNYJSP 31180.50201000
19QUE7 Pat AngererPat Angerer newsINDATL  4162400000000
202 or 37 Karlos DansbyMIA@KC  320610000000
212 or 38 David HawthorneSEA@DAL WP316810100000
222 or 38 Sean WeatherspoonATL@IND WP315720000000
23QUE9 Jonathan VilmaJonathan Vilma newsNOTB  414302010001
242 or 39 Gary GuytonNENYG  3111100100000
25GTD9DN-12James FarriorJames Farrior newsPITBAL  318910000000
26310 Aldon SmithSF@WAS  38050000001
27310 Rocky McIntoshRocky McIntosh newsWASSF  3151000000000
28310 Brian OrakpoWASSF  311511000000
29310 Kevin BurnettMIA@KC  317300000000
30310 Donald ButlerSDGB WP314601110001
31311 Leroy HillLeroy Hill newsSEA@DAL WP317400000000
32311 Curtis LoftonATL@IND WP3121500000000
33312 Brian UrlacherCHI@PHISP 310300100000
34312 Calvin PaceCalvin Pace newsNYJ@BUFSP 312320000001
35312 David HarrisDavid Harris newsNYJ@BUFSP 311310000000
36312 Brooks ReedHOUCLESP 413520000000
37312 A.J. HawkGB@SDSP 312710000000
38312 Paris LenonARISTLSP 31170.50000000
39312 Chris ChamberlainSTL@ARISP 313200000000
40QUE13UP-NRJerod MayoJerod Mayo newsNENYG  11100000000
413 or bench13 Wesley WoodyardDEN@OAK  314500000000
423 or bench13 Joe MaysDEN@OAK  313200000000
433 or bench13 Jamar ChaneyPHICHI  311500100000
443 or bench13 Ahmad BrooksSF@WAS  38130000001
453 or bench13 Philip WheelerINDATL  414900000000
463 or bench14 Eugene HayesTB@NO  313500000001
473 or bench14 Takeo SpikesSDGB WP313400000000
483 or bench14 K.J. WrightSEA@DAL WP313200000000
49QUE15 Rolando McClainRolando McClain newsOAKDENSP 311200000000
503 or bench15 Jameel McClainBAL@PIT  38500100000
513 or bench15 Terrell SuggsBAL@PIT  313520000000
523 or bench16 Von MillerDEN@OAK  38220000000
533 or bench16 Robert AyersDEN@OAK  37320000001
543 or bench16 James HarrisonJames Harrison newsPITBAL  00         
553 or bench16 Brian RollePHICHI  39700000000
563 or bench16 Cameron WakeMIA@KC  38020000000
573 or bench16 Thomas HowardThomas Howard newsCIN@TEN  36600000001
583 or bench16 Quincy BlackTB@NO  25100100000
593 or bench16 Bradie JamesDALSEA  311200000001
60Bench17 Jamaal WestermanNYJ@BUF WP3432.50000000
61Bench17 Bart ScottNYJ@BUF WP3730.50000001
62Bench17 Sam AchoARISTL WP37120000001
63Bench17 Clay MatthewsClay Matthews newsGB@SD WP36220000000
64Bench17 Clark HaggansARISTL WP35510000001
65Bench18 Jacquian WilliamsNYG@NE WP38200000000
66QUE18 Chris KelsayChris Kelsay newsBUFNYJ WP11010000000
67Bench18 Kamerion WimbleyOAKDEN WP310200000000
68Bench18 Aaron CurryOAKDEN WP37400000000
69Bench18 Jo-Lonn DunbarNOTB WP414300000000
70Bench19 Tamba HaliKCMIA WP34420000001
71Bench19 Scott ShanleNOTB WP413400000000
72Bench19 Jonathan CasillasJonathan Casillas newsNOTB WP48310000000
73Bench19 Rob NinkovichNENYG WP35110.50000000
74Bench19 Larry FootePITBAL WP411500000000
75Bench19 Will WitherspoonTENCIN WP38300000000
76Bench19 Chris GocongChris Gocong newsCLE@HOU WP39110000000
77Bench20 Kavell ConnerINDATL WP481200000000
78Bench20 Ryan KerriganWASSF WP38400000000
79Bench20 Koa MisiMIA@KC WP36310000000
80Bench20 Mason FosterTB@NO WP33301000000
81Bench20 Keith BrookingKeith Brooking newsDALSEA WP38500000000
82Bench20 Stephen NicholasATL@IND WP36700000001
--DBT-- Shaun PhillipsShaun Phillips newsSDGB  26220000000
--DBT-- Rey MaualugaRey Maualuga newsCIN@TEN  13300000000
--DBT-- Sean LeeSean Lee newsDALSEA  38800100000
--OUT-- LaMarr WoodleyLaMarr Woodley newsPITBAL  41377.50100000
--BYE-- Omar GaitherCARBYE  28110000000
--BYE-- James AndersonCARBYE  4261511000000
--BYE-- Dan ConnorCARBYE  417500000000
--BYE-- DeAndre LevyDETBYE  4241500000000
--BYE-- Stephen TullochDETBYE  4141220000000
--BYE-- Paul PoslusznyJAXBYE  4241200000000
--BYE-- Daryl SmithJAXBYE  424610000001
--BYE-- Clint SessionJAXBYE  39410000001
--BYE-- Chad GreenwayMINBYE  4281301000000
--BYE-- Erin HendersonMINBYE  416800000001
--BYE-- E.J. HendersonMINBYE  48710000001


  • P - Probable - player has a 75 percent chance of playing
  • Q - Questionable - player has a 50 percent chance of playing
  • D - Doubtful - player has a 25 percent chance of playing
  • O - Out - player is not going to play
  • IR - Injured Reserve - player is out for the remainder of the season

KFFL Fantasy Football Rankings Key

Note - Displayed statistics are from past four weeks unless less than four weeks of data is available.

RK - Overall rank, not absolute rank; each option is part of a tier of one or more players

Fan Pos - Fantasy position and/or status of player this week for 12-team leagues with 16-player rosters

No. 1 option at position this week
Injured; playing status for this week is indicated by GTD (game-time decision), QUE (questionable), DBT (doubtful) or OUT
No. 2 option at position this week
Injured; playing status for this week is to be determined
No. 3 option at position this week
Injured; on Physically Unable to Perform list and not eligible to play until team activates him
Option for flex spot at position this week
Injured; on Non-Football Injury list and not eligible to play until team activates him
Not a recommended option at position this week
Injured; on Reserve/Injured list and not eligible to play this season
On a bye and not playing this week

Tier - Grouping of similarly ranked options this week; one player may be considered over others in same tier based on preference

Rnk Chng - Indicates if player has moved up or down since previous release of rankings

Was not ranked in previous release
Has moved up since previous release; number indicates previous rank
Has moved up since previous release; number indicates previous rank

SP/WP - Indicates if player has a matchup that makes him a strong play or a weak play this week

Has a favorable matchup and could exceed usual production; not an endorsement to play any player in one tier over one in a higher tier
Has an unfavorable matchup and could fail to meet level of usual production; not an endorsement to bench any player in one tier in favor of one in a lower tier

FA - Indicates if player is a target on waiver wire or in free-agent pool

May be available in your league and should be acquired, especially if you need help at position
May be available in your league and should be monitored, especially if you need help at position. He may be worthy of acquiring soon
May be available in your league and could be acquired, especially if you need help at position
May be available in your league and should be acquired if you need a one-week play; has a favorable matchup but may not necessarily have long-term value


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