Diary of a Fantasy Madman: The trade that never was

by MastersBall.com on October 19, 2011 @ 08:54:04 PDT


by Zach Steinhorn

Monday, October 10 - 3:26 PM

Turns out that the team I was totally distraught over back in early September, the team I pretty much gave up on before the season even started, is 4-1. But I'm still not a true believer in this group, and the events of the past 24 hours have done little to alleviate my panic. As if relying on Joseph Addai as my No. 2 RB isn't risky enough, now he's hurt! The oft-injured Addai left his Week 6 game early due to a hamstring injury, and his post-game remarks were far from encouraging. "Sometimes you feel a tear," Addai said. "This was a little grab." Not good. If he's out for an extended period of time, I'll need to make a trade, and with wide receiver being my only area of depth, I'm in real trouble. Wide receiver just so happens to be the deepest of all the positions. Who in their right mind would want to trade a top-20 RB for a non-elite wideout? Let me see if anyone is interested in a swap involving either Jeremy Maclin or Santana Moss. If I can't pull off anything before Sunday, either Pierre Thomas or Michael Bush will be in my starting lineup. Scary.

Tuesday, October 11 - 8:20 PM
Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB Earnest Graham
Graham unexpectedly saved the day

What a waste of time and energy. After carefully examining each of the rosters and finally identifying a team that's loaded at the running back position (Beanie Wells, Felix Jones and James Starks are all sitting on his bench), the guy isn't at all interested in my receivers. "I'd be happy to move a running back but I don't see either of those guys as an upgrade at WR for me," he says. "I really need help at TE, so if you wanted to do one of those backs for Graham, I'd be interested." Wait a minute. I'm not quite that desperate. So far, Jimmy Graham is the highest scoring tight end in our league. And it's not even close. Am I crazy to think that this is an unreasonable demand? I'm not even going to answer him. Why bother.

Friday, October 14 - 8:45 PM

Fantasy football is cruel. In what other setting do you actually root for players to get injured? Fantasy baseball? Not really. An injury to a regular could open the door for a reserve player to get additional at-bats, but you can just as easily find a suitable replacement on the waiver wire. In football, the waiver wire isn't nearly as appealing, particularly at the running back position. So if a starter gets hurt, it's a pretty big deal. A back who would normally get 2-3 carries per game is all of a sudden in line for 15-plus touches. Even though he's not even on my team, LeGarrette Blount will be awarded the game ball should I win this week. His injury combined with my Week 2 pickup of Earnest Graham has saved me. Look, I'm not expecting Graham to all of a sudden put up monster numbers, but he'll give me something, especially since this is a PPR league. After all, Graham is averaging just under five catches per game, this as a strict backup. The other good news is that Joseph Addai's hamstring injury is considered just a strain, so there's a decent chance he comes back soon. Man, am I glad I didn't overpay for a mid-tier running back. Sure, it took a little bit of luck, but sometimes the best trades are the ones you don't make.

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