Fantasy Football Rankings: WR - Week 7

by KFFL Staff     October 21, 2011 @ 18:06:53 PDT




Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings

RkFan PosTierRnk ChngWide ReceiversTMVs.TM PosSPWPFAGRec TDRun TDRec YdsRun YdsNo. RecYds / RecRun Att2pt All
111 Miles AustinDALSTL1SP  10074071100
211 Calvin JohnsonDETATL1SP  45044702716.600
312 Greg JenningsGB@MIN1SP  4203860261500
412 Mike WallaceMike Wallace newsPIT@ARI1   4303798172210
512 Dwayne BoweKC@OAK1   34030201618.900
612 Roddy WhiteRoddy White newsATL@DET1   4102890231300
713 Pierre GarconIND@NO2   44040502119.300
813 Mike ThomasJAXBAL1   410217-4161410
913 Anquan BoldinBAL@JAX1   30023401614.600
1013 Larry FitzgeraldARIPIT1   3102320171400
111 or 24 Dez BryantDez Bryant newsDALSTL2SP  3201785111610
121 or 24 Brandon MarshallBrandon Marshall newsMIADEN1SP  30020401513.600
131 or 24 Darrius Heyward-BeyOAKKC3SP  41030101816.700
141 or 24 Nate WashingtonTENHOU1SP  31022301514.900
1525 Steve SmithCARWAS1   41034101818.900
1625 Early DoucetARIPIT2   30018401611.500
1725 Santana MossWAS@CAR1   3101470121200
1826 Marques ColstonNOIND1SP  3101950131500
1926DN-13Mohamed MassaquoiCLESEA1SP  3201020119.300
2026 Greg LittleCLESEA2SP FA-A30015301510.200
2126 Percy HarvinPercy Harvin newsMINGB1   400178125161180
2226 Reggie WayneIND@NO1   40021801613.600
2326 Mike WilliamsTBCHI1   4001963209.810
2427 Danario AlexanderSTL@DAL1   3001650111500
2527 Eric DeckerDEN@MIA1   320100114710
2627 Vincent JacksonVincent Jackson newsSD@NYJ1   3102051111910
2727 Sidney RiceSEA@CLE1   3102260151510
2827 Santonio HolmesNYJSD1   42017501115.900
292 or 38 Jacoby JonesJacoby Jones newsHOU@TEN3   410850614.200
302 or 38 Brandon LloydSTL@DAL1   3001940131500
312 or 38 Doug BaldwinSEA@CLE3  FA-L310243-2151610
322 or 39 Lance MooreNOIND2SP  4102140191102
332 or 39 James JonesGB@MIN4SP  4302470131900
34310 Jordy NelsonGB@MIN2SP  4202520131900
35310 Damian WilliamsTENHOU2SP FA-OW320890811.100
36310 Devin HesterDevin Hester newsCHI@TB1SP  41018501314.200
37310 Michael JenkinsMINGB2   4101660189.200
38310 Steve BreastonSteve Breaston newsKC@OAK2   32019601117.800
39311 Jason HillJAXBAL2   42018601018.600
40311 Torrey SmithBAL@JAX3   33023710926.310
41311 Plaxico BurressNYJSD2   4101460101500
42311 Jabar GaffneyWAS@CAR2   30017701116.100
433 or flex12 Dane SanzenbacherCHI@TB3SP  4201200139.200
443 or flex12 Kevin WalterHOU@TEN2   4201680141200
453 or flex12 Hines WardPIT@ARI2   4201370141000
46Flex or bench13 Antonio BrownPIT@ARI3   400181181215.120
47Flex or bench13 Brandon GibsonSTL@DAL2   31011251011.210
48Flex or bench13 Malcom FloydSD@NYJ2   310154072200
49Flex or bench14 Davone BessMIADEN2SP  30094010900
50Flex or bench14 Robert MeachemNOIND3SP  41017101412.200
51Flex or bench14 Denarius MooreOAKKC2SP  411622087.820
52Flex or bench14 Jacoby FordOAKKC2SP  3007929613.220
53Flex or bench15 Patrick CraytonSD@NYJ3   30060078.600
54Flex or bench15 Ben ObomanuSEA@CLE4   32088011800
55Flex or bench15 Legedu NaaneeCARWAS3   40013401112.200
56Flex or bench16 Laurent RobinsonDALSTL3SP  30020801217.300
57Flex or bench16 Brian HartlineMIADEN3SP  3001450101500
58Flex or bench16 Johnny KnoxCHI@TB2SP  4001900111700
59Flex or bench16 Nate BurlesonDETATL2SP  4106849820
60Flex or bench16 Titus YoungDETATL3SP  4001200101200
61Flex or bench16 Preston ParkerTBCHI3   420126091420
62Flex or bench16 Arrelious BennTBCHI2   410191-51019.110
63Flex or bench16UP-NREddie RoyalEddie Royal newsDEN@MIA2   000 0 00 
64Bench17 Donald DriverGB@MIN3 WP 42050077.100
65Bench17 Derrick MasonHOU@TEN4 WP 4001160121000
66Bench17 Greg SalasSTL@DAL4 WP 10077089.600
67Bench17 Matt WillisDEN@MIA4 WP 310310310.300
68Bench17 Harry DouglasATL@DET3 WP 400108091200
69Bench17 Mike Sims-WalkerJAXBAL3 WP 200420410.500
70Bench17 Mike WilliamsMike Williams newsSEA@CLE2 WP 21036031200
71Bench17 Jeremy KerleyNYJSD  WP 41053-251110
72Bench18 Devery HendersonNOIND4 WP 40085051700
73Bench18 Randall CobbGB@MIN5 WP 4001146522.810
74Bench18 Joshua CribbsJoshua Cribbs newsCLESEA3 WP 31012901012.900
75Bench18 Chaz SchilensChaz Schilens newsOAKKC6 WP 4105606900
76Bench18 Lavelle HawkinsTENHOU3 WP 30087081100
77Bench18 Roy WilliamsCHI@TB3 WP 40076051500
78Bench18 Devin AromashoduMINGB5 WP 410120043000
79Bench18 Bernard BerrianMINGB3 WP 300740612.300
80Bench18 Austin CollieIND@NO3 WP 40010301010.300
81Bench18UP-107Demaryius ThomasDemaryius Thomas newsDEN@MIA3 WPFA-L000 0 00 
82Bench19 Kevin OgletreeDALSTL4 WP 30044058.800
83Bench19 Derek HaganOAKKC5 WP 4005306900
84Bench19 Sam HurdCHI@TB6 WP 40067051300
85Bench19 Emmanuel SandersPIT@ARI4 WP 400630415.800
86Bench19 Austin PettisSTL@DAL3 WP 30040066.700
87Bench19 Keary ColbertKC@OAK5 WP 300570511.400
88Bench19UP-NRJonathan BaldwinKC@OAK4 WP 000 0 00 
89Bench19 Vincent BrownSD@NYJ4 WP 30026021300
90Bench19 Golden TateSEA@CLE5 WP 300460411.500
91Bench19 Brandon LaFellCARWAS2 WP 40074061200
92Bench19 Andre RobertsARIPIT3 WP 30074071100
93Bench19 Donte' StallworthDonte\WAS@CAR5 WP 20030031000
94Bench20 Clyde GatesMIADEN  WP 300801800
95Bench20 Brian RobiskieCLESEA4 WP 30029047.300
96Bench20 Louis MurphyOAKKC4 WP 100000000
97Bench20 Marc MarianiTENHOU5 WP 3009424.510
98Bench20 Greg CamarilloMINGB4 WP 20023012300
99Bench20 Dezmon BriscoeTBCHI4 WP 400670416.800
100Bench20 Jarett DillardJAXBAL4 WP 40026046.500
101Bench20 Cecil ShortsJAXBAL5 WP 400000000
102Bench20 LaQuan WilliamsBAL@JAX5 WP 3001802900
103Bench20 Terrance AustinWAS@CAR6 WP 30032013200
104Bench21 Marlon MooreMIADEN5 WP 2000-10010
105Bench21 Jordan NorwoodCLESEA6 WP 30019011900
106Bench21 Stefan LoganDETATL6 WP 400090020
107Bench21 Bryant JohnsonHOU@TEN5 WP 300000000
108QUE21 Anthony GonzalezAnthony Gonzalez newsIND@NO4 WP 300000000
109Bench21 Micheal SpurlockTBCHI6 WP 400000000
110Bench21 Jerricho CotcheryPIT@ARI5 WP 300000000
111Bench21 Terrance CopperTerrance Copper newsKC@OAK6 WP 300901900
112Bench21 Eric WeemsATL@DET4 WP 400401400
113Bench21 Chastin WestJAXBAL6 WP 40016011600
114Bench21 Tandon DossBAL@JAX4 WP 300000000
115Bench21 Patrick TurnerNYJSD4 WP 400000000
116Bench21 DeMarco SampsonARIPIT5 WP 300000000
--INJ-- Lee EvansLee Evans newsBAL@JAX2   000 0 00 
--DBT-- Julio JonesATL@DET    30025881814.320
--OUT-- Andre JohnsonAndre Johnson newsHOU@TEN1   2001648111510
--PUP-- Deon ButlerSEA@CLE7   000 0 00 
--PUP-- Mark ClaytonMark Clayton newsSTL@DAL6   000 0 00 
--PUP-- Ramses BardenNYGBYE5   000 0 00 
--BYE-- Ruvell MartinBUFBYE5   400000000
--BYE-- Naaman RooseveltBUFBYE4   4101290718.400
--BYE-- Brad SmithBUFBYE3   4012544213100
--BYE-- David NelsonBUFBYE2   41017001313.100
--BYE-- Donald JonesBUFBYE3   30014721014.710
--BYE-- Stevie JohnsonBUFBYE1   42022002110.500
--BYE-- Andrew HawkinsCINBYE    30056051100
--BYE-- Jerome SimpsonCINBYE2   40017301412.400
--BYE-- Andre CaldwellCINBYE3   400115014800
--BYE-- A.J. GreenCINBYE    4202886181610
--BYE-- Matthew SlaterNEBYE6   400000000
--BYE-- Chad OchocincoNEBYE3   40077061300
--BYE-- Julian EdelmanNEBYE5   2001622830
--BYE-- Deion BranchNEBYE2   4201470111300
--BYE-- Wes WelkerNEBYE1   440544193615.110
--BYE-- Brandon StokleyNYGBYE    100701700
--BYE-- Mario ManninghamNYGBYE2   30012201111.100
--BYE-- Victor CruzNYGBYE3   4303813192010
--BYE-- Hakeem NicksNYGBYE1   42034802116.600
--BYE-- Steve Smith E.PHIBYE4   400340311.300
--BYE-- Jason AvantPHIBYE3   40026902212.200
--BYE-- DeSean JacksonPHIBYE1   410333-1162120
--BYE-- Jeremy MaclinPHIBYE2   4102980231300
--BYE-- Kyle WilliamsSFBYE5   300401400
--BYE-- Ted Ginn Jr.SFBYE4   400244521230
--BYE-- Josh MorganSFBYE3   31015701015.700
--BYE-- Michael CrabtreeSFBYE1   4002050191100


  • P - Probable - player has a 75 percent chance of playing
  • Q - Questionable - player has a 50 percent chance of playing
  • D - Doubtful - player has a 25 percent chance of playing
  • O - Out - player is not going to play
  • IR - Injured Reserve - player is out for the remainder of the season

KFFL Fantasy Football Rankings Key

Note - Displayed statistics are from past four weeks unless less than four weeks of data is available.

RK - Overall rank, not absolute rank; each option is part of a tier of one or more players

Fan Pos - Fantasy position and/or status of player this week for 12-team leagues with 16-player rosters

No. 1 option at position this week
Injured; playing status for this week is indicated by GTD (game-time decision), QUE (questionable), DBT (doubtful) or OUT
No. 2 option at position this week
Injured; playing status for this week is to be determined
No. 3 option at position this week
Injured; on Physically Unable to Perform list and not eligible to play until team activates him
Option for flex spot at position this week
Injured; on Non-Football Injury list and not eligible to play until team activates him
Not a recommended option at position this week
Injured; on Reserve/Injured list and not eligible to play this season
On a bye and not playing this week

Tier - Grouping of similarly ranked options this week; one player may be considered over others in same tier based on preference

Rnk Chng - Indicates if player has moved up or down since previous release of rankings

Was not ranked in previous release
Has moved up since previous release; number indicates previous rank
Has moved up since previous release; number indicates previous rank

SP/WP - Indicates if player has a matchup that makes him a strong play or a weak play this week

Has a favorable matchup and could exceed usual production; not an endorsement to play any player in one tier over one in a higher tier
Has an unfavorable matchup and could fail to meet level of usual production; not an endorsement to bench any player in one tier in favor of one in a lower tier

FA - Indicates if player is a target on waiver wire or in free-agent pool

May be available in your league and should be acquired, especially if you need help at position
May be available in your league and should be monitored, especially if you need help at position. He may be worthy of acquiring soon
May be available in your league and could be acquired, especially if you need help at position
May be available in your league and should be acquired if you need a one-week play; has a favorable matchup but may not necessarily have long-term value


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