Fantasy Football Rankings: WR - Week 3

by KFFL Staff     September 23, 2011 @ 14:09:47 PDT




Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings

RkFan PosTierRnk ChngWide ReceiversTMVs.TM PosSPWPFAGRec TDRun TDRec YdsRun YdsNo. RecYds / RecRun Att2pt All
111 Andre JohnsonHOU@NO1SP  22018801413.400
211 Kenny BrittKenny Britt newsTENDEN1SP  2302710141900
312 Stevie JohnsonStevie Johnson newsBUFNE1SP  22016201213.500
412 Jeremy MaclinPHINYG2SP  22019111413.610
512 Santonio HolmesSantonio Holmes newsNYJ@OAK1SP  210112091200
612 Steve SmithCARJAX1   22033401423.900
713 Greg JenningsGB@CHI1   220144091600
813 Larry FitzgeraldARI@SEA1   2101950102000
914 Roddy WhiteRoddy White newsATL@TB1   210840117.600
1014 Calvin JohnsonCalvin Johnson newsDET@MIN1   240117091300
1114 Wes WelkerNE@BUF1   2202410151600
1214 Mike WallacePIT@IND1 WP 21023301614.600
1314 Brandon MarshallBrandon Marshall newsMIA@CLE1 WP 2102180131700
1414 Hakeem NicksNYG@PHI1 WP 21013701013.700
151 or 25 A.J. GreenCINSF1SP  2201650111500
161 or 25 DeSean JacksonPHINYG1SP  2101230815.410
171 or 25 Vincent JacksonVincent Jackson newsSDKC1SP  22020301216.900
181 or 26UP-26Anquan BoldinBAL@STL1SP  210120071700
191 or 26 Devery HendersonNOHOU3   2202030922.600
201 or 26 Robert MeachemNOHOU2   22080798.910
211 or 26 Jordy NelsonGB@CHI2   220161072300
221 or 26 Santana MossWAS@DAL1   21013701112.500
231 or 26 Deion BranchNE@BUF3   20022201514.800
2427 David NelsonBUFNE3SP FA-A21014901410.600
2527 Mike WilliamsTBATL1SP  21046059.200
2628 Reggie WayneINDPIT1 WP 21017201115.600
2728UP-NRBrandon LloydBrandon Lloyd newsDEN@TEN1 WP 10089061500
2829 Plaxico BurressPlaxico Burress newsNYJ@OAK2SP  21072041800
2929 Nate WashingtonTENDEN2SP FA-A2001660131300
3029 Brandon LaFellCARJAX2   2101190814.900
3129 Jabar GaffneyWAS@DAL2   2101160814.500
322 or 310 Lance MooreNOHOU2   100601600
332 or 310 Denarius MooreOAKNYJ4  FA-A21014625529.210
342 or 310 Dwayne BoweKC@SD1   20011812716.910
352 or 310 Nate BurlesonDET@MIN2   200153201212.810
36311 Johnny KnoxCHIGB2SP  200105052100
37QUE11 Mohamed MassaquoiMohamed Massaquoi newsCLEMIA3SP  2001220620.300
38311 Brandon GibsonSTLBAL3SP  2001020714.600
39311 Mike Sims-WalkerSTLBAL2SP  20097071400
40311 Arrelious BennTBATL2SP  210520510.400
41312UP-NRKevin WalterKevin Walter newsHOU@NO2   10014011400
42312UP-57Danario AlexanderSTLBAL5SP  1101220340.700
43312 Mike ThomasJAX@CAR1SP  20084011800
44312 Preston ParkerTBATL3SP FA-L2001420101400
45312 Derrick MasonDerrick Mason newsNYJ@OAK3SP  2002604700
46312 Jesse HolleyDALWAS5  FA-L20096033200
47312 Julio JonesATL@TB2   200100071400
483 or flex13UP-NRMichael CrabtreeMichael Crabtree newsSF@CIN1   100401400
493 or flex13 Percy HarvinPercy Harvin newsMINDET1   200833399.260
503 or flex13 Hines WardPIT@IND2 WP 200100091100
513 or flex13 Brian HartlineMIA@CLE3 WP 21083061400
523 or flex13 Davone BessMIA@CLE2 WP 200134071900
533 or flex13 Pierre GarconINDPIT3 WP 20067061100
543 or flex13DN-28Eric DeckerDEN@TEN2 WPFA-A220166082100
55Flex or bench14UP-74Andre CaldwellCINSF4   2102703900
56Flex or bench14 Donald JonesBUFNE3SP  2102706500
57Flex or bench14 Devin HesterCHIGB1SP  200770419.300
58Flex or bench14UP-NRSidney RiceSidney Rice newsSEAARI1   000 0 00 
59Flex or bench14 Ben ObomanuSEAARI3SP  200471367.810
60Flex or bench14UP-NRPatrick CraytonSDKC3   000 0 00 
61Flex or bench14 Kevin OgletreeDALWAS3   200623415.520
62Flex or bench15 Jason AvantPHINYG3SP  200690417.300
63QUE15 Jacoby JonesJacoby Jones newsHOU@NO3SP  20091061500
64Flex or bench15UP-NRJason HillJason Hill newsJAX@CAR2   10053041300
65Flex or bench15UP-NRTorrey SmithBAL@STL    100000000
66Flex or bench15 Legedu NaaneeCARJAX3   20035031200
67Flex or bench15 Donald DriverGB@CHI3   200510510.200
68Flex or bench15 Donte' StallworthWAS@DAL5   1001602800
69Bench16 Anthony ArmstrongWAS@DAL3 WP 21038041000
70Bench16 Andre RobertsARI@SEA3 WP 200510510.200
71Bench16 Derek HaganOAKNYJ3 WP 10061051200
72Bench16 Antonio BrownPIT@IND5 WP 200811613.510
73Bench16 Austin CollieINDPIT2 WP 2002403800
74QUE17UP-NRRoy WilliamsRoy Williams newsCHIGB3 WP 100550413.800
75Bench17 Dane SanzenbacherCHIGB  WP 21039-449.810
76Bench17 Greg LittleCLEMIA  WP 20050051000
77Bench17 Golden TateSEAARI4 WP 2102003700
78Bench17 Mike WilliamsSEAARI2 WP 20043058.600
79Bench17 Dezmon BriscoeTBATL3 WP 2005606900
80Bench17 Harry DouglasATL@TB3 WP 20029047.300
81Bench18 Early DoucetARI@SEA2 WP 210125052500
82Bench18 Ted Ginn Jr.SF@CIN4 WP 20038049.510
83Bench18 Michael JenkinsMichael Jenkins newsMINDET2 WP 21055069.200
84Bench18UP-NRDarrius Heyward-BeyDarrius Heyward-Bey newsOAKNYJ3 WP 10044041100
85Bench18 Chad OchocincoNE@BUF2 WP 200590319.700
86Bench18 Titus YoungDET@MIN  WP 20089051800
87Bench18 Emmanuel SandersPIT@IND3 WP 21064041600
88Bench19 Sam HurdCHIGB5 WP 10013011300
89Bench19 Steve Smith E.Steve Smith E. newsPHINYG5 WP 200290214.500
90Bench19 Doug BaldwinSEAARI  WP 21087051700
91Bench19 Greg SalasSTLBAL  WP 20048059.600
92Bench19 Bryan WaltersSDKC  WP 2002703900
93Bench19 Jarett DillardJAX@CAR4 WP 10025012500
94Bench19 Lavelle HawkinsTENDEN4 WP 20022037.300
95Bench20 Adrian ArringtonNOHOU5 WP 10014011400
96Bench20 James JonesGB@CHI4 WP 2001602800
97Bench20 Randall CobbGB@CHI  WP 21060041500
98Bench20 Kyle WilliamsSF@CIN6 WP 11012011200
99Bench20 Josh MorganSF@CIN3 WP 20063051300
100Bench20 Bernard BerrianMINDET3 WP 20017011700
101Bench20 Steve BreastonKC@SD2 WP 20033031100
102Bench20 Matthew SlaterNE@BUF  WP 20046014600
103Bench20 Victor CruzNYG@PHI  WP 2001702900
104Bench20 Matt WillisDEN@TEN  WP 2002803900
105Bench21 Naaman RooseveltBUFNE7 WP 000 0 00 
106Bench21 Joshua CribbsJoshua Cribbs newsCLEMIA4 WP 20054-3413.510
107Bench21 Ruvell MartinSEAARI9 WP 100000000
109QUE21 Damian WilliamsDamian Williams newsTENDEN5 WP 100501500
111Bench21 Jerheme UrbanKC@SD4 WP 200601600
113Bench22 Devin AromashoduCHIGB5 WP 200000000
114Bench22 Brian RobiskieCLEMIA3 WP 200000000
115Bench22 Jordan NorwoodCLEMIA  WP 200601600
116Bench22 Bryant JohnsonHOU@NO5 WP 20016011600
117Bench22 Richard GoodmanSDKC6 WP 200000000
118Bench22 Marc MarianiTENDEN6 WP 200902500
119QUE23 DeMarco SampsonARI@SEA  WP 100000000
120Bench23 Terrance CopperKC@SD  WP 200000000
121Bench23 Chaz SchilensOAKNYJ5 WP 200901900
122Bench23 Julian EdelmanNE@BUF5 WP 200901900
123QUE23 Rashied DavisRashied Davis newsDET@MIN4 WP 20014011400
124Bench23 Stefan LoganDET@MIN  WP 2000-20010
125Bench23 Arnaz BattlePIT@IND6 WP 200000000
--INJ-- Dez BryantDez Bryant newsDALWAS2   110710323.700
--INJ-- Miles AustinMiles Austin newsDALWAS1   240233-21416.610
--GTD-- Maurice StovallMaurice Stovall newsDET@MIN6   100801800
--QUE--DN-84Chansi StuckeyChansi Stuckey newsCLEMIA4   20024021200
--DBT--DN-56Malcom FloydMalcom Floyd newsSDKC2   200104052100
--DBT-- Danny AmendolaDanny Amendola newsSTLBAL1   1004505900
--DBT--DN-123Roberto WallaceRoberto Wallace newsMIA@CLE6   100000000
--DBT-- Mario ManninghamMario Manningham newsNYG@PHI2   200105071500
--OUT-- Eddie RoyalEddie Royal newsDEN@TEN3   20051041300
--OUT-- Sammie StroughterSammie Stroughter newsTBATL4   100000000
--OUT-- Earl BennettEarl Bennett newsCHIGB4   20020036.700
--OUT--DN-45Lee EvansLee Evans newsBAL@STL2   200450222.500
--OUT-- Louis MurphyLouis Murphy newsOAKNYJ4   000 0 00 
--OUT-- Braylon EdwardsBraylon Edwards newsSF@CIN2   20048041200
--OUT-- Jonathan BaldwinKC@SD    000 0 00 
--OUT-- Demaryius ThomasDemaryius Thomas newsDEN@TEN5   000 0 00 
--OUT-- Jacoby FordJacoby Ford newsOAKNYJ1   10022-337.310
--OUT-- Domenik HixonDomenik Hixon newsNYG@PHI3   21050041300
--OUT-- Marques ColstonMarques Colston newsNOHOU1   10081061400
--BENCHED--DN-24Jerome SimpsonJerome Simpson newsCINSF3   200180082300
--RELEASED--DN-114Jamar NewsomeJAX@CAR    200000000
--IR-- Jordan ShipleyCINSF2   2001404400
--IR-- Roscoe ParrishBUFNE5   20016011600


  • P - Probable - player has a 75 percent chance of playing
  • Q - Questionable - player has a 50 percent chance of playing
  • D - Doubtful - player has a 25 percent chance of playing
  • O - Out - player is not going to play
  • IR - Injured Reserve - player is out for the remainder of the season

KFFL Fantasy Football Rankings Key

Note - Displayed statistics are from past four weeks unless less than four weeks of data is available.

RK - Overall rank, not absolute rank; each option is part of a tier of one or more players

Fan Pos - Fantasy position and/or status of player this week for 12-team leagues with 16-player rosters

No. 1 option at position this week
Injured; playing status for this week is indicated by GTD (game-time decision), QUE (questionable), DBT (doubtful) or OUT
No. 2 option at position this week
Injured; playing status for this week is to be determined
No. 3 option at position this week
Injured; on Physically Unable to Perform list and not eligible to play until team activates him
Option for flex spot at position this week
Injured; on Non-Football Injury list and not eligible to play until team activates him
Not a recommended option at position this week
Injured; on Reserve/Injured list and not eligible to play this season
On a bye and not playing this week

Tier - Grouping of similarly ranked options this week; one player may be considered over others in same tier based on preference

Rnk Chng - Indicates if player has moved up or down since previous release of rankings

Was not ranked in previous release
Has moved up since previous release; number indicates previous rank
Has moved up since previous release; number indicates previous rank

SP/WP - Indicates if player has a matchup that makes him a strong play or a weak play this week

Has a favorable matchup and could exceed usual production; not an endorsement to play any player in one tier over one in a higher tier
Has an unfavorable matchup and could fail to meet level of usual production; not an endorsement to bench any player in one tier in favor of one in a lower tier

FA - Indicates if player is a target on waiver wire or in free-agent pool

May be available in your league and should be acquired, especially if you need help at position
May be available in your league and should be monitored, especially if you need help at position. He may be worthy of acquiring soon
May be available in your league and could be acquired, especially if you need help at position
May be available in your league and should be acquired if you need a one-week play; has a favorable matchup but may not necessarily have long-term value


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