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QB | Terrelle Pryor | NCAA | Draft
The San Francisco 49ers likely will not show interest in Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor during the 2011 NFL Supplemental Draft. The 49ers could show a little interest if Pryor comes into the league as a wide receiver.

QB | Jay Cutler | Chicago Bears | Injury, Fantasy
Chicago Bears WR Rashied Davis said QB Jay Cutler (knee) has looked healthy during the player-organized workouts.

QB | Alex Smith | San Francisco 49ers | Fantasy
San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh remains intrigued with the possibility of QB Alex Smith leading the team this year, even though he has yet to name him as the starter. "He's a neat guy. I'm really interested in him, in just the character of Alex Smith," Harbaugh said. "He's been maligned by the hometown fans there. And his family's had to read a lot of that on the internet." Harbaugh has indicated that he would like the team to re-sign Smith.

Running Back

RB | Kory Sheets | Miami Dolphins | Injury
Miami Dolphins RB Kory Sheets (Achilles'), who is now fully recovered from a torn Achilles' tendon, said Tuesday, June 14, that he plans to "surprise people when (he) gets on the field."

Wide Receiver

WR | Braylon Edwards | New York Jets | Free Agents
New York Jets impending free-agent WRs Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes were not believed to be at any of the player-organized workouts this week.

WR | Santonio Holmes | New York Jets | Free Agents
New York Jets impending free-agent WRs Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes were not believed to be at any of the player-organized workouts this week.

WR | Roddy White | Atlanta Falcons | Fantasy
Atlanta Falcons WR Roddy White participated in the player-organized workout Tuesday, June 14.

WR | Sidney Rice | Minnesota Vikings | Free Agents, Fantasy
Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier said he talked with impending free-agent WR Sidney Rice when the lockout was briefly lifted and Rice was open to the idea of re-signing with the Vikings but also wants to explore his options.

WR | Rashied Davis | Chicago Bears | Free Agents
Chicago Bears impending free-agent WR Rashied Davis said he has been preparing this offseason as if he will be with the Bears in the 2011 season. "I'm preparing as if I'm going to be in Chicago. The other guys are preparing as if I'm going to be in Chicago as well," Davis said.

WR | Plaxico Burress | Free Agent | Free Agents, Fantasy
Free-agent WR Plaxico Burress (Giants) is intrigued by the thought of joining the New York Jets in order to help them win a championship. "It's been thought about," Burress said when pressed on the idea of joining the Jets. "I am not going to sit here and front. For me to go to one side to the other side and win a championship in the same (city), how many people have done that? And do I have the capability to lead a team to a championship? Without question."

Tight End

TE | Leonard Pope | Kansas City Chiefs | Free Agents
Kansas City Chiefs impending free-agent TE Leonard Pope is participating in workouts this week with the team's players even though he not under contract.

Offensive Tackle

OT | Charles Brown | New Orleans Saints | Injury
New Orleans Saints OT Charles Brown (back) was cleared to start running two weeks ago after undergoing back surgery right after the season. Brown has been working out and feels a lot stronger than he did before. He said he weighs 305 at this point which he said he an ideal weight for him.


LB | Sergio Kindle | Baltimore Ravens | Injury
Baltimore Ravens LB Sergio Kindle (head) has very little hearing in his left ear, which is the result of a skull fracture and brain bruising. Doctors said the loss of hearing is not expected to change.


CB | Jack Williams | Detroit Lions | Injury
Detroit Lions CB Jack Williams said the knee injury that caused him to miss the 2010 season has completely healed and that he has been medically cleared for all football activities.

Free Safety

FS | Darren Sharper | New Orleans Saints | Free Agents
New Orleans Saints impending free-agent FS Darren Sharper said he is open to the possibility of re-signing with the Saints but may look to see if he can find a starting job with another team. Sharper said he is not sure if he is ready to be a role player at this point.

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