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by Lawr Michaels, on February 22, 2011 @ 11:04:19 PDT


The 35-Hole Mulligan

A fun thing happened during the RotoExperts "Mocktion" held Sunday.

I have to admit that at first, the auction seemed pretty speedy, as the system we played, courtesy of CBS Sports, allowed 30 seconds for each of the 12 owners to nominate, then 10 seconds for the rest of us to up the bid (or not).

Which is indeed pretty fast, at least till you get in the groove of the bidding process, although with a little practice, upping the ante became a reflex, just like anything else involving muscle memory.

In fact, it was so fast that the speed, coupled with some desktop issues from the bidding public, forced a redraft of the first 35 purchases.

Atlanta Braves C Brian McCann
McCann: 2nd time around sweeter

The do-over caused Michael Pichan to declare, "We've tipped our hands," as the results were reset, but my thought was more, does not really matter that much. For, though the first run did reveal a general ceiling for the players bid upon, it did not mean that someone might not be willing to pay the extra dollar, or not.

I will say that by the time play was suspended, I had nabbed two players - Mike Minor for $6 and $27 for Brian McCann - and though I was happy with McCann, as much as I like Minor, I was having buyer's remorse.

Anyway, for fun, let's look at the first two rounds, and see how they compare (for Phase I Players, their price during the complete draft appears after the Phase I value, unless the player was purchased among the first two rounds of Phase II):

Pick Player Auction Phase I Player Auction Phase II
1 Roy Halladay ($28) Cliff Lee ($23)
2 Tim Lincecum ($31 I/$30 II) Victor Martinez ($24)
3 Albert Pujols ($47) Roy Halladay ($29)
4 Miguel Cabrera ($37 I/$39 II) Mike Minor ($4)
5 Troy Tulowitzki ($39) Brian Wilson ($18)
6 Pedro Alvarez ($12) Pedro Alvarez ($9)
7 Angel Pagan ($7/$3 II) Evan Longoria ($39)
8 Alex Rodriguez ($30/$32 II) Prince Fielder ($30)
9 Josh Hamilton ($27/$39 II) Carlos Gonzalez ($37)
10 Mike Stanton ($21) Troy Tulowitzki ($49)
11 Joe Mauer ($28) Paul Konerko ($14)
12 Joakim Soria ($20/$14 II) Jose Bautista ($25)
13 Mark Teixeira ($33/$37 II) Heath Bell ($17)
14 Carl Crawford ($41/$40 II) Albert Pujols ($49)
15 Robinson Cano ($34/$35 II) Hanley Ramirez ($51)
16 Buster Posey ($27/$21 II) Joe Mauer ($29)
17 Joey Votto ($40) Neftali Feliz ($18)
18 Derek Jeter ($19/$17 II) Mike Stanton ($18)
19 Mike Minor ($6) Kurt Suzuki ($12)
20 Evan Longoria ($40) Ian Kinsler ($22)
21 David Wright ($33/$35 II) Joey Votto ($38)
22 Jimmy Rollins ($23/$23 II) Jose Reyes ($32)
23 Paul Konerko ($16) Ichiro Suzuki ($16)
24 Hanley Ramirez ($45) Nelson Cruz ($24)

Interesting, here to see generally the dollar values of the established stars - Hanley, Pujols, Teixeira - went up, though some remained flat, like Evan Longoria, Robinson Cano and Carl Crawford.

As for me, though I did pay a little more for Hamilton, with that $29 bid, I also got McCann for $24 during the replay (he was #34 nominated for Phase I, and #55 during Phase II).

But, within the younger, somewhat more speculative players, in particular Buster Posey, Mike Stanton, the amount owners were willing to gamble dropped (as did Mike Minor, whom I nominated the second time to see what he fetched). In fact, Carlos Gonzalez went for $41 during the first iteration, and that price dropped by four bucks the second time around.

Apparently, I was not the only one with that prospect buyer's remorse.

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