KFFL Exclusive Interview: Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska

by Cory J. Bonini on February 17, 2011 @ 04:05:43 PDT


KFFL.com draft analyst Cory J. Bonini recently conducted the following interview with Nebraska Cornhuskers cornerback and 2011 NFL Draft prospect Prince Amukamara.

1) How close were you to entering the 2010 NFL Draft as a junior, and what ultimately convinced you to return for your senior season?

Ah, I just felt like that there is just more stuff I wanted to accomplish with my team at Nebraska and just take care of my personal goals. Last year was just my first year starting, so it put me in good position and just lets me learn more about the position before I turn to the NFL.

2) Have you reached out to any NFL players about the draft process? If so, what advice were you given?

Uhm, just, uh, I talked to former 'Huskers such as (Ndamukong) Suh and <inaudible>. And the advice they gave me was just that, ah, like this process is gonna break you down mentally and physically, so just, ah, basically, just stay firm and, uh, and go out like this is the biggest game of your life. So they basically just said to put all your focus in and don't worry about anything, don't let anything distract you.

3) Discuss your decision to sit out the Senior Bowl.

Uhm, I basically just weighed the, ah ... saw the ... <inaudible> ... saw the gains and the losses, and the losses outweighed the gains.

Prince Amukamara, draft prospect

4) Do you miss playing running back at all?

No, not at all. Not at the college level. Just seeing the beating they take ... just being best friends with Roy (Helu Jr.) and just seeing the beatings, the beatings he takes week in week out and stuff, I'd rather be giving the beating than taking it.

5) How do you feel about the talk that you aren't fast enough to play cornerback in the NFL and could be moved to safety?

Uhm, <pauses and laughs>, well, for the speed part, my speed, this is the first time my speed has ever been questioned, so ah, so I mean, I guess we'll just see at the combine about that. And, ah, about playing safety at the NFL, I'm not ... switching positions isn't something that's new to me. I've done it in college from playing offense to defense, from running back to DB, and, uhm, safety is what I played in high school, so, uhm, I mean if a team needs me at safety then I'll go to that team and compete for a spot at safety. I think, I think I'm a - I'm known as a team player - and I do whatever it takes to just help the team.

6) What aspect of your game do you feel like you need to improve the most?

Technique. I think technique is a big part of the next level so I think just technique.

7) Compare yourself to a past or current NFL player: Who would it be and why?

Uuuuuuuuuhhhhhmmm, let me see. I think parts of my game is mixed with a lot of different players' but, ah, do I have to compare myself to one?

Better question: Is there a player that you would like to be compared to?

OK, uhm, no, and it's no disrespect to any of the players. I think anybody who's a competitor would like to be, uhm, would like to be known as their own.

8) Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the thought of being a top-10 pick in the NFL draft?

Not at all. One thing I've learned in life is that nothing is guaranteed and nothing is promised, so I just take it day by day. And then, come late April, if my name is called in the top 10 picks of the first round, then I could finally just take a deep breath and then celebrate with my family. Until that day comes, I'm just workin' like I'm gonna be a free agent. I got that kind of mentality.

9) How do you relieve stress and spend your free time?

Uh, I've definitely been getting on the game Call of Duty <laughs>. I never had played it and the guys I play with, Blaine Gabbert <inaudible>, showed me that game. And so I've just been playing, part-time, video games. And me and Roy are Redbox guys, so we like to go catch a movie.

10) Do you play fantasy football?

Uh, I don't know nothing about it right now ... not educated about fantasy football. But, ah, I heard it's pretty fun, and so once I get to know what it's about I'll probably get into it.

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