Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: PK - Week 9

by Bryce McRae on November 3, 2010 @ 14:09:00 PDT


If you are serious about winning your fantasy league football championship, stay on top of your fantasy football team throughout the year.

Each week during the NFL fantasy football season, KFFL brings you its Fantasy Football Waiver Wire, which breaks down players to pick up. Be aggressive when picking up fantasy football free agents. Even if you do not need a player, you can tuck him away for depth or block others from adding him to their fantasy football team.

Note: Percentage of polled leagues in which player is available in parentheses

Fantasy football free agents: One-week plays

The following fantasy football pickups are for those who need injury or bye week replacements. They are not players you immediately acquire - unless your team is in dire straights. Some have, however, shown some life and should be followed in case they materialize as options beyond their temporary use.

Robbie Gould, Chicago Bears (59 percent)

Chicago Bears PK Robbie Gould
A Goulden ticket?

The Buffalo Bills, Gould's Week 9 opponent, have allowed the most field goal attempts per game over the last month. They're allowing 12.7 kicking points per game in that time, most in the league, as well as 10.1 per game since the season started, also the most.

Chicago's offensive ineptitude in Week 7 put a hurt on Gould's numbers, at least his attempts. He connected on 12 of his 14 field goal attempts through the first six weeks of the season, though.

You could make a case that the consistent Gould should be a priority addition, but none of his matchups the rest of the way is particularly strong. This'll be his last favored situation. Because of that, look at him as a one-week play, though he warrants some consideration for inclusion past this week if the waiver wire is light.

Lawrence Tynes, New York Giants (82 percent)

Tynes hasn't received a ton of chances, and he hasn't made real good on his attempts when he does get them. The Scottish boot has attempted just 10 field goals, making seven, all season.

New York's offense gives him a good chance at extra points, though; he had four in Week 5 and five in Week 7. And he attempted 32 field goals with the Giants last year; he has had some success with this offense.

This week, he'll face the Seattle Seahawks, who are giving up 3.00 field goal attempts per game over the last month. Only two other teams are allowing more. Like Gould, Tynes doesn't have any other outstanding matchups the rest of the way with the exception of the Dallas Cowboys in Week 10 and the Green Bay Packers in Week 16.

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